An outdoor patio is fundamentally a place to hang out.  Patio designs aim to create a comfortable area for relaxing in the outdoors for activities as simple as reading a book or as complex as an outdoor kitchen and dining area intended for large-scale entertaining.  Patios may be small and intimate or segmented into many different areas with different purposes. A patio may be a flat surface at ground level or elevated into one or more platforms above ground.  Most patios include steps - steps to enable entrance into the home, steps to enter the raised patio from the yard, steps to move between multiple patio levels.

A patio may be just a beautiful, functional surface. Or it may include seating or privacy walls, pillars, built-in kitchen or bar, fire pit or fireplace, water fall, game area – whatever design elements accomplish the intended use. The more exotic the enhancements, the more complicated and costly the project becomes.

The first step in choosing a patio design is to prioritize the desired functionality. A very simple use project may be a DIY project.  The more complicated the features, the more important it is to use a professional designer and installer.  If cost becomes prohibitive, many design features can be future upgrades especially if the initial project includes planning for future expansion.

Once the project concept and potential scope and envisioned, material selection takes place. Most projects start with the surface material – pavers or slabs.  Choosing scale, texture, color palette will guide selection of other project elements – walls, steps, caps, fire features, etc.  Some contractors will accompany the homeowner on a project selection visit; others will direct the buyer to a skilled dealer who will assist with these decisions.  Woodward Landscape Supply is well-known for the breadth of our displays and skills of our customer service reps in helping homeowners make these key decisions.