Replacing traditional blacktop with a paver driveway makes a dramatic difference in the appearance and appeal of your home.  While upgrading the entire driveway creates an entirely new look, other options include creating a decorative driveway apron and/or installing a decorative border along the edges of the driveway.  

Driveway installation has more stringent requirements than a patio or pool deck in order to support the weight of the vehicles that will use it. First, driveways must use pavers and not slabs. (Pavers are smaller and/or thicker than slabs, making them stronger).  A slab will absolutely break under the weight of a car.  Pavers are designed to support vehicular traffic. Second, the base under the pavers must be deeper to maintain a smooth surface over time.  Finally, the polymeric sand used to finish the driveway should be high-performance or commercial grade.

It is increasingly common to install driveways using permeable pavers.  This approach aids in storm water management. It is usually just an option but may be required in some communities.  Permeable installation results in water going through the joints between the pavers and landing in a stone-filled holding area while dissipating into the surrounding ground.

One of the major challenges in driveway projects is the removal and disposal of the existing driveway material. Even partial driveway projects will face the need to cut the current material to create the space for the new driveway feature.  Contractor proposals will include these expenses.