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Mirage® Porcelain Tile by Belgard®


Florida Tile Samples

Florida Tile Samples

Long used for interior applications, porcelain tile has recently become a viable option for outdoor (hardscaping) projects.  Similar to ceramic tile, porcelain tile is stronger due to the use of finer, denser grade clay and longer cooking time at higher temperatures. The finishes available include stone, marble, and wood textures in multiple colors. The most common size is 2' x 2', but there are other options. 

The most attractive characteristics include resistance to staining and scratching (driven by very low moisture absorption rates) and colorfastness (i.e., no fading). Low surface maintenance results from this material's durability and ease of cleaning.  However, it is so slick and so thin that polymeric sand rarely works as a joint finishing technique.  It simply will not stick to the tile consistently.  Consquently, porcelain tile is most successful if installed in a wet bed, which is a more difficult and costly installation process. If dry set, you should expect to have to maintain the tile joints both by replacing sand and weed management.

Porcelain tile is generally manufactured in southern Europe and imported.  Some concrete paver manufacturers import a line of porcelain tile.  Best known is the Mirage line from Belgard.  Mirage also features a complementary porcelain veneer. 

Imported porcelain tile is priced at the high end of the outdoor flooring price range due to the cost of shipping.  However, one of our suppliers, Florida Tile, manufactures in Kentucky.  Being produced in this country results in a much lower price point and makes porcelain tile a more affordable option for a larger range of applications. 

At Woodward Landscape Supply, you can see porcelain tile installed in our outdoor Belgard display, and we have sample racks from Florida Tile as well.