Wallstone Supply

Wallstone offers an amazing range of color and thickness for building any stacked stone project, including retaining walls, free-standing walls, and borders around gardens, trees or ponds. Some wallstone can be used for irregular patio stone. Woodward Landscape Supply stocks wallstone locally produced in Pennsylvania including:

Pennsylvania Fieldstone

Fieldstone (red or gray) has a weathered look created by decades of exposure to the elements. The aging process leaves fieldstone with rounded stapes which can be challenging for higher walls.

Colonial Wallstone

Colonial wallstone is the stone removed from the crust of a Pennsylvania bluestone (flagstone) quarry.  The extremely flat surfaces of Colonial wallstone make this product one of the easiest choices for dry-stacked wall construction.  Like the flagstone beneath it in the quarry, Colonial is available in full color (usually called gray), blue and lilac.

Tumbled Bluestone

Also from a flagstone quarry, tumbled Pennsylvania Bluestone wallstone is made by taking broken pieces of cut flagstone and tumbling them to remove any rough edges or surfaces. This creates a very smooth result.  Tumbled bluestone is also very consistent in thickness making it easy to use for wall construction.

West Mountain

Like Bluestone, West Mountain Stone is unique to eastern Pennsylvania.  A brown / tan striated stone, West Mountain stone can also be called Earth Rainbow or Salmon Ridge.  West Mountain is generally a thicker stone available in 2-4" and 4-8" thicknesses.  1-2" is rare and most expensive when available.

Pocono Blend

A variety of wallstone combinations are available mixing local stone into beautiful blends.  Woodward Landscape Supply stocks Pocono Blend, which combines West Mountain, Colonial Lilac, and Colonial Blue. 

Wallstone is sold in full pallets of 3000 pounds. Full pallets will enable the construction of 22 facial square feet of wall. Some varieties are also available in mini pallets of 500 pounds. Get in touch with us or visit our Pennsylvania wallstone supply location today to everything we have to offer.