Treads & Wall Caps

When finishing raised patios, steps, or walls, a natural stone cap or tread offers an elegant option.  The difference between a cap and tread is how the edges are finished.  A tread is generally used on a step or to finish an outside edge of a patio or landing.  It is finished on the top and outside edge. 

A wall cap adds a finished edge on both sides and is generally used on a double-sided wall, e.g., a sitting wall or privacy wall where both sides are visible. A tread can be used on a wall, especially if only one side of the wall is visible. When installing caps and treads, a professional contractor will custom flame the extra edges that need to be finished for a specific project. 

Treads and caps are cut to an exact thickness, generally 1 1/2" or 2", and are available in a variety of depths, lengths, and colors. The most common option is Pennsylvania Bluestone in either full color or true blue.  Woodward Landscape Supply stocks a huge selection of bluestone treads. We also offer West Mountain treads.  

Manufactured options simulating stone texture and color are also widely available.  EP Henry, Techo-Bloc, and Kennedy Concrete offer many interesting alternatives.  The challenge with both natural and simulated stone treads and caps is curves.  Treads and caps are by design straight.  If you need to create a curve, the material must be custom cut and pieced into the desired curve.  Techo-Bloc offers smaller simulated stone caps in shapes designed to facilitate the installation of curves.  


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