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Steps & Garden Path Stone Supply

Steps and garden paths are generally used to move between separate spaces in an outdoor living area. Steps are needed to move from one elevation to another; stepping stones or garden paths are used to move between independent areas on the same elevation. We stock a number of stones for steps & pathways at our landscape supply center in Phoenixville, and offer consultations for homeowners and contractors who are looking for specific colors and styles.

Steps may be traditional in shape, i.e., rectangular, or they may be irregular. Similarly, stepping stones may be either rectangular or irregular.  The texture of steps may be natural clef, cut, or thermal.  Natural clef is relatively flat but has a layered texture formed from where the stone naturally splits.  A thermal surface is formed by burning off the irregularities with a special torch.  A cut surface is completely smooth.

West Mountain Natural Stone Steps In Clef Texture

West Mountain Natural Clef Steps

Steps are cut from a huge variety of natural stone. In rectangular cuts, Woodward Landscape Supply stocks natural clef West Mountain and Pennsylvania bluestone steps.  The variety of color and striation in West Mountain stone is seen in the picture on the left. This picture also shows the irregularity in thickness that occurs in natrual clef steps.

Thermal Flagstone Steps With Boulders

Thermal Flagstone Steps

In thermal, we stock Pennsylvania bluestone, barnstone, and limestone steps.  Thermal steps are always 6" thick and flamed on the top.  Edges may be thermal or split.  The steps on the right, installed by Ross Landscaping, show the integration of thermal steps with flagstone and boulders.




West Mountain Natural Stone Large Garden Path

West Mountain Large Garden Path

Garden paths come in three main sizes: small (18" - 24"), large (24" - 36") and extra-large (over 3 feet). Large and XL garden paths can be used for irregular steps. Irregular flagstone may also be used for garden paths.


West Mountain Stone In Garden Path As Transition From Porch and Pool

Garden Path as Transition

On the right, West Mountain small and medium garden paths are used as a transition, a walking area, between the porch and a pool area.  The project in this photo was installed by DeMarco Landscaping.


Remarkably realistic manufactured alternatives to natural stone are also available from many hardscape & landscape suppliers.  Techo Bloc, EP Henry, and Kennedy Concrete all offer rectangular and irregular steps and garden path manufactured products in a range of colors and finishes.