Natural Stone Veneer

Natural stone veneer is produced by slicing any variety of natural stone into pieces thin enough and flat enough to be mortared onto a fixed structure such as a solid wall, house, or fireplace.  Veneer includes both flat and corner pieces.  These pieces are shaped into ledgestone, squares and strips, irregular shapes, or other shapes. Woodward Landscape Supply offers natural stone veneer from Quarry Cut, a national manufacturer and distributor.  The extensive Quarry Cut portfolio features both local and more exotic stone options.  Pricing is based on the source of the stone and the shape into which it is crafted. 

Natural stone veneer has the advantage of being able to be further cut and shaped during installation.  This is possible because the stone has natural color and texture throughout.: Chiseling into a desired shape will not change the look of the stone.  Another attractive feature of natural stone veneer is the variation within the stone leading to a unique look to every piece and every project. 

However, natural stone veneer has a few challenges. First, veneer is attached to the target surface using mortar.  With natural stone, veneering usually starts at the bottom and moves up the surface so that each piece can rest on the pieces below during installation.  This need for support is caused by the weight of natural stone vs. manufactured simulated stone. Starting at the bottom makes creating a good finishing look at the top difficult, i.e., more labor and potentially more waste.  Natural stone veneer also carries a higher basic cost than simulated stone options. 

Woodward is now stocking Delgado® Stone; , natural thin stone veneer.

We show a comprehensive selection of Quarry Cut product samples in our showroom.



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