Imported Stone

Some Oakville Options

Some Oakville Options

Although it features a compelling beauty that inspires many hardscaping designs, Pennsylvania Bluestone does have limitations, specifically in color and texture.  "True Blue" bluestone is blue; variegated or full color bluestone is blue with brown, green, rust, and lilac accents.  To expand natural stone options, Woodward Landscape Supply has introduced imported stone lines from Oakville Stone

The Oakville Stone product lines available in Pennsylvania include color tones such as Blue Ice, Autumn Brown, Brown Wave, Buff, and Black Limestone.  Each of these colors feature variation that defines the attractiveness of the natural stone.  Each of these lines is gauged to a consistent thickness of approximately one inch.  Surface texture is similar to natural cleft bluestone but with dramatically less fluctuation in thickness. Even at 1" thickness, Oakville Stone is strong enough for a dry-lay application but light enough for an easy wet-lay option.

We stock this line in 200 square foot crates with mixed sizes that create a pre-defined pattern.  In addition, we stock selected available sizes (which varies by color) separately so that the prepackaged pattern can be augmented with larger sizes.  In addition to the pattern stone pavers, the Oakville line includes treads, wall caps, pillar caps, and steps.  

If you desire the appeal of natural stone but are looking for a broader selection of color options than Pennsylvania bluestone offers, come see our Oakville Stone display