Belgium Block

Cobblestone Of Varying Colors Stocked By Woodward Landscape Supply

Belgium Block is among the world's first hardscaping materials.  First used to pave roads, now cobblestone is cut into several sizes for garden edging, paving, even wall construction.  White with gray accents is the most common color scheme; however, cobblestones can be found in pink, tan (yellow), and black.  Woodward Landscape Supply stocks all of these colors in both regular (9x5x5) and jumbo (4x7x10) sizes, depending on availability.

The top image on the right side of the page shows samples of the colors and sizes of the cobblestone we keep in stock at Woodward's. No matter what style you have in mind for your walkways or outdoor living space, we can provide you with beautiful cobblestones pavers to match your vision.

Jumbo Gray Belgium Block - Cobblestone

The bottom image on the right side of the page shows how cobblestone - in this case Jumbo Gray cobblestone - is packaged for our customers. Whether you're a professional landscaper or a homeowner looking to tackle a DIY project, we carry everything you need to complete the job.