Natural Stone Landscaping Supplier

natural stone landscaping supplierIf you love the compelling beauty of natural stone landscaping, whether used alone to create a rustic setting or mixed with manufactured products as a striking visual accent, you must visit us. We stock a myriad of shapes and sizes suitable for every hardscaping application. We also specialize in Pennsylvania Bluestone, which is unique to the northern Pennsylvania area.  

Patios, sidewalks, and pool decks can be laid with either “pattern” cut stone (i.e., cut into perfect squares and rectangles) or irregular stone. Either may be dry-laid in stone dust or wet-laid in mortar. Irregular stone may also be placed farther apart with the gaps filled in with topsoil and planted with a ground cover for a very natural look.

Visit our large outdoor display to see many examples of stone patio and wall possibilities.

Look at our natural stone gallery and projects for ideas and inspiration.