A surprisingly large range of sand products are available across industries and applications.  Woodward Landscape Supply offers sand options for hardscaping, masonry, and residential maintenance uses. Our sand products include: concrete sand, mason sand, bar sand, play sand, and general purpose sand. All of the bulk products are available bagged; play sand and general purpose sand are only available in bags.

Concrete Sand
-  Concrete sand is man-made and its coarse feel comes from its concrete content.
-  Concrete sand is the preferred setting bed for concrete pavers on top of 2A modified stone.
-  Due to its coarseness, concrete sand can be also used as a leveling agent.
-  Our concrete sand is yellow.

Mason Sand
-  Mason sand is also coarse but finer than concrete sand.
-  It is used in a variety of masonry applications including some mortar mixes.  
-  Some contractors prefer mason sand to concrete sand for setting pavers and leveling walls.
-  Mason sand is almost white.

Bar Sand
-  Bar sand is finer than concrete or mason sand and is used for applications where softness is important, .e.g., under an above-ground swimming pool.
-  Bar sand is also used in making many types of mortars which are needed for veneering walls or outdoor accents such as fireplaces. 
-  Because of the softness, bar sand can be used in playground applications.

-  High-end playsand is washed to ensure optimal fit to play area applications.
-  Finer than bar sand, playsand is sometimes used as the sand to fill the joints between tight-fitting pavers.
-  Our playsand is considered white.

General Purpose Sand
-  General purpose sand is exactly that.  It can be used for mixing in soil to increase aeration, and it can be used in gardening among other common uses.
-  Our general purpose sand is yellow.

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