Mulch Supply in PA

An important final touch to many gardens and outdoor living projects, mulch is available in many varieties. Not all options are healthy choices for your outdoor living environment.  Some mulches are made from waste wood which can have unknown chemical content.  Dyes that color mulch black, brown, red, etc. may be strong chemicals rather than organic compounds.  And rubber mulch made from recycled tires will never degrade, presenting a serious challenge if you want to remove and replace it. 

Woodward Landscape Supply only offers products made from environmentally friently materials: basic hardwood, premium black, and premium root/bark mulch.  All mulches, even dyed mulches, will fade.  Remember you can refresh color by fluffing the mulch areas with a pitchfork. 

Hardwood Mulch

Hardwood mulch formed from shredding natural hardwood fibers is moderately course, natural brown in color and our most economic alternative.  Our Hardwood mulch is especially good for sloped areas as the course texture will better cling to the irregular ground surface than finer mulches.  

Premium Black Mulch

Our Premium Black mulch is a fine ground natural fiber mulch dyed* black to give more lasting dramatic color to your landscape. 

Premium Brown Mulch

Our Premium Brown mulch is a fine ground natural fiber mulch dyed* brown to give more lasting dramatic color to your landscape.

*Many dyed mulches are made from mystery fiber -- old pallets, construction remnants, yard waste. If the source of the fiber is unknown, the risk of contamination must be considered. We are very proud of the quality of our dyed mulch which is made only from organic materials.

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Patio with Mulch

Mulch around Patio Installed by Landscaping by Gaffney

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