Landscaping Soils

In most hardscaping applications, soil is being removed not added.  But there are times you need more "dirt."  To fit a variety of needs, Woodward Landscape Supply offers the following soil products:  premium topsoil, standard topsoil, mushroom soil, screened dirt, fill dirt, and clean fill.

Premium Topsoil
-  Premium topsoil is screened and enriched to provide an excellent top layer of soil for growing applications, e.g., plants.

Standard Topsoil
-  Standard topsoil is also screened but not enriched.
-  It has excellent quality for most applications including growing grass and leveling small irregularities in grade.

Mushroom Soil
-  Mushroom soil is compost.
-  It must be aged to reduce acidity.  We age ours three months before selling it.
-  Mushroom soil may be used alone in certain applications (e.g., growing vegetables) or mixed with standard topsoil.

Screened Dirt
-  When you need to level signifcant grade differences or fill small holes, screened dirt is a good option.
-  We screen excavated dirt to remove large stones and weeds but do not enrich the soil in any way.
-  If used to fill an area on top of which planting is anticipated, we recommend topping off the area with premium or standard topsoil.

Fill Dirt and Clean Fill
-  Fill materials are not screened or refined in any way.
-  Fill dirt is mostly dirt with some stones and weeds.
-  Clean fill is mostly stone with some weeds and dirt.
-  Both are used to fill large "holes" where nothing is intended to be grown in this material.  After filling the target area, premium or standard topsoil should be used to top off the area for planting.


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