Decorative Gravel

Decorative gravel offers an alternative to mulch for gardens and open landscape areas. Unlike mulch, stone does not degrade so it does not have to be replaced as often. The colors and textures of stone present a huge range of different looks for your landscape.

We stock a variety of gravel in bulk, including: River rock, pearl pebble and red stone in a variety of sizes.

River Rock Gravel

River rock is a smooth roundish rock predominately gray, tan and off-white with touches of burgundy. River rock arrives sonewhat muddy from the riverbeds where it is extracted and ages through weather into its rich component colors.

Pearl Pebble Gravel

Pearl Pebble (sometimes called white and tan) is also a smooth stone. Pearl Pebble has a mix of yellow, gold and white stones.

Red Stone Gravel

Red stone is deep reddish burgundy. It features sharp angles and is seldom used in applications where bare feet are likely.

In bags, we offer river rock, pearl pebble and red stone as well as pocono blend, featherrock, green, antique white, white marble, and Mexican beach black. Some varieties only come in one size (e.g., feather rock are 1"), most varieties come in several sizes. Sizes range from 3/8" to 5".

Pearl Pebble Garden

Pearl Pebble in Garden Area