Mulches Etc.

Bulk Stone in Bins

Mulch, sand, topsoil, gravel -- all of these products play key roles in many outdoor improvement projects. Mulch and decorative gravel are finishing touches to many landscaping projects, whereas sand, topsoil, and construction gravels are fundamental construction elements. We stock a selection of all of these products in both bags and bulk for pick up or delivery. Some varieties are only available in bags. Most bulk materials come pre-bagged but we also offer DIY bags and shovels for self-filling.

We carry four types of sand: Mason sand, bar sand, concrete sand, and play sand.  Mason, bar and concrete sand are components used to custom blend concrete and mortar for masonry applications such as wet-laying flagstone or veneering a fireplace.  Concrete and mason sand are also used as the setting bed for manufactured pavers and slabs as well as travertine and marble.  Play sand (obviously!) is used in sandboxes. Sand can also be used in lawn and garden applications for aerating soil.

Our soil products include topdressing, basic topsoil, screened soil, fill dirt, and mushroom soil (in season). Top dressing is our top-of-the-line, enriched dark soil perfect for planting lawns or gardens. Basic  topsoil is a lower grade not enriched but high quality for grading lawns,shallow fill applications and flowerbeds.  Screened soil and fill dirt are suitable for deeper fill applications and under topsoil.  Mushroom soil (or compost) enriches growth capabilities of other soils. Mushroom soil is highly acidic and must be aged before use. We bring in our mushroom soil in January for spring planting use; when we sell out, it is out for the rest of the season.

One or more types of construction gravel are used in all hardscaping projects. The major sizes we stock are: 2A Modified, 2B, and screenings. 2A Modified is 3/4" stone with fines (i.e., smaller sizes of crushed stone). Different parts of the country use different names for this stone; it is sometimes referred to as driveway stone.  2A Modified will compact into a solid surface and  is used to build the base under patios, driveways, sidewalks, etc.  2B stone is 3/4" clean stone, i.e., it has no fines; because it is clean, it drains.  2B stone is used behind walls and under permeable pavers.  Screenings also called grit is used for leveling walls and for filling seams in natural stone surfaces.

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