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Veneer refers to material that is made thin enough and flat enough to be able to be mortared onto a fixed structure such as a house, decorative wall, or fireplace. The flat back of each piece of veneer is mortared onto the prepared surface so that the resulting finished project has consistent but slightly varied thickness.  Natural stone may be cut into veneer, a nd many other materials may be manufactured into shapes appropriate for veneering.

Veneer is packaged into flats and corners.  These shapes are similar regardless of material and are sold separately based on the dimensions of the project at hand.  Classic veneer shapes are ledgestone (thin rectangles), squares and strips (mix of rectanges and square of varying heights), cutstone (square and strips with chiseled edges), irregular or fieldstone, and thin ledgestone panels (one piece made to look like many pieces of extra thin ledgestone). However, more shapes and materials emerge regularly as this popular application continues to expand. 


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