Stone Veneer

Veneer refers to material that is made thin enough and flat enough to be able to be mortared onto an existing structure.  The flat back of each piece of veneer is mortared onto the prepared surface so that the resulting finished project has a consistent thickness.  Natural stone may be cut into veneer.  Many alternatives for manufactured simulated stone veneer are also available.

Natural Stone Veneer

Woodward Landscape Supply offers natural stone veneer crafted by Quarry Cut. The Quarry Cut product line features a growing portpolio of natural stone cut into popular shapes:  irregular (fieldstone), squares and strips, and ledgestone. Flats and corners are packaged separately.  Stone colors and textures may be mixed to create an effect unique to the taste of the customer.

This pillar and privacy wall were designed and installed by Nestorick's Green Touch.  The veneer is Quarry Cut irregulars in brown capped with thermal flagstone treads.

Natural Stone Veneer Wall

Manufactured Veneer

Due to the range of colors and textures, we offer two lines of manufactured simulated stone veneer:  Environmental Stoneworks and EP Henry Company.  Environmental Stoneworks, a long time participant in this industry, offers a huge selection of styles and colors.  EP Henry entered this market segment more recently but has built a beautiful and growing selection of products.

As with natural stone, flats and corners in manufactured veneer are packaged separately.  And the shapes are the same.  There are four major differences:

  1. With natural stone, the color variance is caused by nature.  The supplier sorts the stone into colors and the customer chooses how to mix these colors into a finished blend.  With manufactured veneer, the manufacturer creates a portfolio of color blends.  The product purchased will exhibit the blend.  The customer does not have to craft color combinations.
  2. Simulated stone is less expensive that natural stone.
  3. Simulated stone is lighter in weight than natural stone making installation easier in many ways.
  4. However, the color is on the surface of manufactured veneer whereas natural stone has the same color and texture throughout.  Consequently, manufactured veneer can not be cut or chipped without reveling its white concrete interior.

EP Henry Veneer Hardscaping Project

An example of EP Henry Ledgestone in Aspen.

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