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Brick and Porcelain Tile Veneer

The newest additions to our veneer portfolio are thin brick and porcelain tile.  This brick has been available for many years but faded in popularity with the growth in natural stone and simulated stone options.  Using brick as an accent has recently re-emerged as an appealing alternative.  We have sample boards available for the Glen Gery line of brick veneer.

For the last few years, major manufacturers of concrete pavers have been importing porcelain tile as an alternative surface material.  Recently the need for a matching wall product has created demand for porcelain tile veneer.  Belgard offers a complementary porcelain veneer as part of their Mirage line which we display in our showroom.  Both brick and porcelain veneer are available in quantities small enough to do special projects.


Mirage Samples

Mirage Samples

Glen Gery Samples

Glen Gery Samples Mirage