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Masonry Supply: Stone & Mortar Supply in PA

 Masonry refers to the building of structures from individual units laid in and bound together by mortar.  The use of mortar means that the base under the project must be completely solid.  If the base shifts, the mortar will crack destroying, at a minimum, the beauty of the project. 

Typical masonry projects involve wet-setting stone or manufactured products on a concrete base.  The depth of the base is dependent on the nature of the project.  A patio may need only a foot of concrete as a base; an outdoor fireplace at least three feet. 

All natural stone and manufactured hardscaping products are potential elements of a masonry project.  These products can (technically) be either dry or wet set.  However, there are specific products unique to masonry. These include fundamental building blocks such as cinder block and lintels, natural or manufactured stone veneer, stuccos, and the concrete and mortars used to put it all together..

Woodward Landscape Supply offers a large selection of veneers and concrete / mortar mixes as well as a growing portfolio of accessories for masonry projects.