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Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens create an entirely new source of enjoyment in any outdoor living space. With advances in product development, building an outdoor kitchen is no longer a fantasy.  In creating an outdoor kitchen, you must address three major components: framework, appliances, and infrastructure.  

The framework consists of the products used to build the structure which houses the kitchen appliances.  This can be built out of traditional wall block offered by manufacturers such as EP Henry Kitchens, Techo-Bloc Kitchens or Belgard Kitchens.  When using these products, the finish of the block becomes the finish of the kitchen.  With the huge variety of wall products now available, the kitchen can be created with a remarkable range of looks. Another approach to the framework is ready-made panels.  Outback Islands offers panels made of Hardy Board. This approach enables rapid installation since these panels do not require a concrete footer.  Once connected to create the desired kitchen design, the panels may be finished with veneer or stucco for the final look. 

The framework must be built to include access to the infrastructure needed to run the appliances and elements selected for your kitchen.  Natural gas, propane and/or electric and even water may be needed.  The infrastructure part of the outdoor kitchen must be designed and connected by professional plumbers and/or electricians - not your hardscaping professional. 

Now the fun part:  appliances and accessories. We selected Blaze appliances based on excellent features, quality and price. The Blaze line includes grills, refrigerators, griddles, beverage centers, ice machines, cabinets, and more. Of particular iimportance to long outdoor life, Blaze grills feature 504 stainless steel and even have an option for marine grade stainless steel for waterfront locations. Want to grill at night? Blaze grills have attractive built in lighting. If you want to have a pizza party on your patio, consider a wood-fired pizza oven from WPPO.  And no grilling experience would be complete without the special accessories: Louisiana Grills offers flavored cooking pellets, rubs and spices to enhance the grilling experience. 


Outdoor Kitchen Display

Outdoor Kitchen Display at Woodwards