Outdoor Fireplaces


Fireplace by Tyson

Fireplace Installed by Neil Tyson

Installing a fireplace as a focal point on your outdoor patio is a beautiful way to add sizzle and warmth.  Fireplaces may be custom-built from raw materials, assembled from pre-packaged kits with customized finishing touches, or completely pre-made to be set in place.

Belgard, EP Henry, and Techo-Bloc all offer pre-built fireplaces.  Each product line offers both a fireplace and optional complementary wood boxes. All of these elements are designed to be set in place by forklift.  The only customization available is color choice.  Due to the construction method and weight of these fireplaces, they must be placed on a three-foot deep concrete footer to avoid cracking from ground settling. The installation of this base and the need for heavy equipment to move these pieces typically requires a professional hardscape contractor even though the fireplaces are pre-assembled.

We also offer fireplace kits, which include the basic materials needed to construct the fireplace structure and line it with firebrick.  These kits can be customized by raising the firebox and/or adding wood boxes or decorative side extensions. Once the basic structure is built, you can choose the finishing touches.  Manufactured or natural stone veneer, brick, or stucco are the most popular options.