Fountains, Etc.

Fountain ExampleA water feature can bring a soothing addition to your outdoor living space.  Fountains are the simplest approach as they come ready to install.  Power must be available to run the fountain but no other preparation is needed.  Once the fountain is filled with water, it is self-circulating. 

Custom water features can be constructed from almost anything -- manufactured wall block, natural stone and pond liner, an urn and decorative pebbles.  This type of project can be a creative DIY experience or designed and installed by a professional contractor. Check out the waterfall designed to flow into a pond in the middle of a patio in our natural stone gallery

Accents don't have to include water.  Urns, planters, statues, and sundials on pedestals are among the many options available.  We offer fountains, garden accents and concrete furniture from Massarelli's, a major east coast manufacturer.  We encourage you to view their website for more ideas.


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