Fire Pits

Fire pits add a special glow to your outdoor living environment.  Options are constantly expanding in style and price. Fire pits can be as simple as a ring of boulders creating a bed for the fire of sand on stone.  EP Henry, Techo-Bloc, Belgard, and CST all offer packaged fire pits which come in a variety of shapes, styles, and colors to fit your taste -- and they are extremely easy to install.  A custom-shaped or -sized fire pit can be built out of wall block or cinder block and lined with fire mortar and firebrick.  A cinder block fire pit can be further customized by finishing the outside and capping the top with materials of your choice. 

The manufactured fire pit kits are the easiest to install and suitable for a DIY project.  The bowl and accessories in a fire pit kit can be removed when the weather is too hot for a fire.  The remaining ring can be used for other applications such as plants, water features, or even a cold beverage cooler!

Boulder fire pits usually require special equipment to move the boulders, which makes DIY more challenging but potentially possible. Custom fire pits require specialized skills to install and usually require a professional hardscaping contractor or even a mason.

Fire Boulders offer a unique variation to the fire pit concept.  The manufacturer selects large natural boulders into which they drill a hole; this houses the burner and connection to a gas line or propane tank.  The burner is covered with lava rock.  Each resulting fire boulder is unique in color and shape.  Visit our showroom to see a fire boulder in action and make your unique purchase selection from our onsite inventory.    

Like fire boulders, manufactured fire pits may also be fitted with burners connected to propane or natural gas to replace the standard wood-burning option.  We offer a wide range of burners to fit any fire pit design.

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FireBoulder on Patio

Fire Boulder on Patio