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Pavers & Slabs

Products used for the surface of patios, sidewalks, driveways, etc. fall into two categories: pavers and slabs.  The basic difference is the load that they can bear.  For a patio, sidewalk, pool deck -- any applications with pedestrian traffic -- either a paver or slab is suitable.  For a driveway, under a hot tub, or for heavy-duty traffic, pavers should be used.  The strength of the material is a result of thickness vs. surface area plus manufacturing process.  The larger the size, the thicker the product must be to become a paver and not a slab. Products made from a wet cast manufacturing process are inherently weaker and nearly always fall into the slab category.

Most manufacturers offer both pavers and slabs. Examples include:

EP Henry 
Techo Bloc
  • Pavers:  Hera, Parisien, Athena, Antika, Allegro, Blu80, Villagio
  • Slabs: Blu60, Blu 45, Inca, Aberdeen, Borealis, 
  • Pavers: Lafitt Paver, London Cobble, Old World Paver, Old York, Country Manor, Holland Stone
  • Slabs: Lafitt Rustic & Grana, Mega-Arbel
  • Pavers: Roman Cobble, Munich, Vienna Classic
  • Slabs: Slate Stone, Mountain Stone

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