Pavers & Slabs

Products used for the surface of patios, sidewalks, driveways, etc. fall into two categories: pavers and slabs.  The basic difference is the load that they can bear.  For a patio, sidewalk, pool deck -- any applications with pedestrian traffic -- either a paver or slab is suitable.  For a driveway, under a hot tub, or for heavy-duty traffic, pavers should be used.  The strength of the material is a result of thickness vs. surface area plus manufacturing process.  The larger the size, the thicker the product must be to become a paver and be able to bear heavy loads. Products made from a wet cast manufacturing process are inherently weaker and nearly always fall into the slab category.

Most manufacturers offer both pavers and slabs. Although there are classic products that have been on the market for years, the product line-up of each manufacturer is constantly changing, driven by changing trends and resulting market demand. For example, once the premier entry in every paver product line, aged or pre-weathered pavers have all but disappeared from current product lines.

EP Henry pavers include Old Towne Cobble, Brickstone and Forma. Bristol slabs feature mutiple colors, textures, and finishes. 

Techo-Bloc pavers include Antika, Blu 80, Diamond, Eva, Squadra, Valet and Villagio.  Boasting a large line of slabs, Techo-Bloc offers Blu 60, Aberdeen, Borealis and Travertina Raw.

The Belgard line features Catalina, London Cobble, Hollandstone and Old York pavers, which complement their Lafitt Rustic and Grana slabs. 

Keystone Hardscapes offers paver classics like Roman Cobble, Holland Stone, and Contempra.  Slabs include Citystone and Panorama.


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