Snow Melt System for Pavers in PA

For those of us living in a northern climate, shoveling snow is one of the most unpleasant of winter tasks: Hard on the body, time-consuming, always inconvenient, and cold! To address this issue, Woodward Landscape Supply has established a dealership for ProLine Radiant Heat Solutions.  This system, installed under the pavers, senses snow and ice and melts it. Driveways and walkways present the most popular application, but any paver surface could be targeted, e.g., around a hot tub on a patio. 

The standard paver installation process is not dramatically changed.  Additional sand is added and the radiant heating system is installed in that sand.  The sensor measures both moisture and temperature.  When it senses accumulation of ice and/or snow is imminent, the sensor tells the controller to turn on the heat. The process is gradual and results in both melting and evaporation, resulting in a clean surface. An electrician is required to determine the best locations for the controller and access to power.  ProLine will create the installation design based on the electrician's input and the landscape contractors's design.  

Note standard 2A base, sand, wiring paver installation and the results!

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