Manufactured Stone Veneer

Simulated stone veneer is produced using molds to create thin, flat pieces of concrete that are shaped like natural stone and then stained to create a range of looks. Manufacturing simulated stone veneer has evolved into a sophisticated industry with an increasing variety of options. Although many years ago simulated stone was an obvious "fake," manufacturing technology has dramatically improved, resulting in some amazing products.  

We selected Environmental Stoneworks as our supplier of simulated stone veneer due to their longtime participation in this industry and huge selection of styles and colors.  Because of the breadth of their product line, all Environmental Stoneworks orders are custom-made

There are four major differences between natural and simulated stone veneer:

  1. With natural stone, the color variance is caused by nature.  The supplier sorts the stone into colors and the customer chooses how to mix these colors into a finished blend.  With manufactured veneer, the manufacturer creates a portfolio of color blends.  The product purchased will exhibit the blend in a very predictable manner.  The customer does not have to craft color combinations.
  2. Simulated stone is less expensive that natural stone.
  3. Simulated stone is lighter in weight than natural stone making installation easier in many ways.
  4. However, the color is on the surface of manufactured veneer whereas natural stone has the same color and texture throughout.  Consequently, manufactured veneer can not be cut or chipped without revealing its white concrete interior.
environmental stonework samples display

Environmental Stoneworks Display