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Landscaping & Retaining Walls Supplier

Manufactured wall systems fall into two major categories: garden walls and retaining walls.  The diference between them is the load-bearing capacity.  A garden wall is generally 12 - 18" high enclosing a garden or landscape accent area, or a free-standing wall bordering a sidewalk or patio.  A retaining wall can be quite high and may be holding back (retaining) soil, stone, or water for any number of possible applications.  Retaining wall systems can be used for garden walls; however, garden wall systems can rarely be used for heavy-duty applications.

Major manufacturers offer many wall systems to cover the full range of applications.  Examples of the lines we carry are listed below.  Visit the manufacturer's websites for product details. 

EP Henry
  • Garden Walls:  Coventry Garden Wall, English Garden Wall
  • Multi Purpose Walls:  Coventry Wall, Cast Stone Wall, Terrace Wall
  • Retaining Walls: Diamond Pro, Mesa, Vertica
Techo Bloc Wall Systems
  • Garden Walls:  Manchester
  • Multi Purpose Walls:  Mini Creta, Brandon, Rocka, Borealis, Graphix, Semma
  • Retaining Walls:  Suprema, G Force
CST Walls
  • Garden Walls:  Munich, Cobble Wall, Accent Wall
  • Multi Purpose Walls: Veranda, Ultra 6x18, Versa Lok Mosaic
  • Retaining Wall: Versa Lok Standard, Square Foot Block
Belgard Walls
  • Garden Walls:  Weston, Aspen Stone
  • Multi Purpose Walls: Celtik, Belair, Tandem
  • Retaining Wall: Diamond Pro, Vertica

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