Natural Stone Gallery

The projects featured in this gallery use natural stone in a variety of applications, from patios and sidewalks to walls and steps.  Both dry set and masonry examples are included.

Waterfall in Patio Thermal Flagstone Walkway Boulder and Flagstone Steps Wet Set Irregular Flagstone Patio Flagstone & Veneer Patio with Firepit West Mountain Stone Garden Path Colonial Gray Boulder Retaining Wall Natural Stone Pond inside EP Henry Wall and Steps Veneer and Flagstone Tread Covered Steps Travertine and Flagstone Patio Wet-set Flagstone Walkway Steps Natural Stone Veneered Driveway Entrance Garden Area Natural Stone Culvert Travertine Walkway Hot Tub Placed in Natural Setting with Pergola Boulder Retaining Wall Mixing Real and Simulated Stone for Patio and Stepping Stone Walkway