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Natural Stone Pillar Caps: Hardscaping Options

Hardscaping: CST Flat Cap

CST Flat Cap

Pillars or piers are beautiful accents to a variety of outdoor living environment projects. Piers can be placed on either side of the driveway or a sidewalk as an identification of and welcome to your home. Pillars can bracket entrances / exits to your patio providing a visual accent and/or a practical finishing touch to a sitting wall. Patio pillars also provide a surface that can be used for any number of purposes, e.g., lights, finials, planters, a place to set a plate, even as an armrest on a sitting wall). Pillars can be used to hide structural columns or to provide the base for a pergola. You can use the basic pillar structure to build a picnic table or bistro table.

How a pillar is capped has a significant impact on the look of the area as well as what can be placed on the top of the pillar. Pillar caps can be found in three major shapes: flat, light top, and peaked. Flat caps are needed when a pier is intended to have something placed on it such as a planter, statue or dishes. Flat caps can also support lights (See “CST Flat Cap” picture) but you many prefer a light top cap. Light top caps have some form of rise in the middle either as part of a one-piece cap with a specially designed shape (see Techo Bloc StoneEdge Pillar Cap” picture) or by stacking individual pieces to form a higher center (see “EP Henry Stacked Cap” picture). Finally, peaked pillar caps are designed to be stand-alone, without additional use, and purely decorative for your hardscaping project.

Pillar caps may be natural stone or man-made. Caps may be one piece (“CST Flat Cap” picture) or multiple pieces – both man-made (“Stacked Cap”) and natural stone (“Natural Stone Mosaic Cap”).

The range of possibilities is endless. Visit us to see the many options of style and color or trust your contractor to design a choice that is right for your project.