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10 Best Hardscape Ideas and Paver Designs for You!

We are all very busy with our lives every day. Be it work, studies, or household job, we don’t exactly take some time off to just stop for a minute. Wouldn’t you want to just take a minute to live in the current moment?

We know that the world around us is changing rapidly. Tall and strong architecture marvels stand where once there was natural vegetation.

NYCWoodward 1024x576 10 Best Hardscape Ideas and Paver Designs for You!

Source: https://www.dezeen.com/2017/08/16/central-park-tower-update-worlds-highest-residential-skyscraper-adrian-smith-gordon-gill/

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How To Create Dramatic Landscape Lighting Effects

LightsWood How To Create Dramatic Landscape Lighting EffectsI’m Helen Reed from Let’s Tend The Garden, a new gardening blogger! Creating dramatic landscape lighting effects can be considered as a form of art. The reason for this is; it takes a considerate effort to bring out the piece of beauty. With lighting effects, you can create an outdoor design that will make you want to sit outside all night.

Below are some of the different ways to create dramatic landscape lighting effects.

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Moving In Ideas: Great Ideas For Better Outdoor Living

outdoor living 1024x682 Moving In Ideas: Great Ideas For Better Outdoor LivingNo doubt that moving to a new home gives you the opportunity to start fresh. It’s a great time to design your new space into something pretty, practical, and comfortable. And like the interiors, the outer part of your new home should also be decorated for a better outdoor living once you move in.

If you’re looking for several ways on how to make your outdoor space more inviting after you move in, read this article to learn more.

1. Add technology in the backyard

With the evolution of technology these days, adding a television set in your backyard can be a creative way to have a perfect outdoor living when you move in. Due to the convenience of putting up flat screens, it’ll be much easier for you to hang a television outside your home. However, you should take note that the installation should be done in an enclosed area to protect them from harsh weather. For example, you can install your outdoor TV against the walls or over the fireplace.

2. Install a fountain

If you want a relaxing outdoor space after moving in, then installing a fountain can be the perfect choice. Running water from the fountain can give you a calming or soothing feeling. Thus, if your new place has a small, sunken outdoor area, you can make a fountain with a single stream of water as your best focal point.

3. Put a fire pit or a fireplace

Another traditional way of achieving a better outdoor living when you move in is the presence of a fire feature. Many people enjoy spending a relaxing time around the fire, especially during the cold season. Options for adding fire are constantly expanding.  Consider a fireplace, fire pit, fire boulder or fire table.

4. Have your own backyard hammock

There’s nothing more relaxing and comfortable than taking an afternoon nap in your backyard hammock. If your outdoor has two opposite trees or a pergola, you can hang a hammock and get the most out of better outdoor living after your move in.

5. Bring the dining room outside

Nowadays, having a great outdoor living means putting your dining room outside. Whether its full tables, bar areas, or kitchen islands, putting a dining space can make your outdoor living experience more enjoyable when you move in. By this, you’re not limited to enjoying your meal inside your new house. Instead, you can take your breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a breath of fresh air. Also, the good thing about this idea is that you can choose a variety of design and material options for your dining area outside, as well as a remarkable selection of kitchen elements.

6. Make use of a cozy seating

Your relocation will be as successful as it should be if you have a relaxing outdoor space to stay once you move in. Remember, you can have a great outdoor living experience by having an excellent spot to sit. This is by way of placing a comfortable bench where you can relax and enjoy the beauty of your flower garden.

Aside from a bench, you can also attain an ideal outdoor living by placing some pieces of furniture. That way, you’re giving your outdoor space a unique and refreshing flair. When choosing for the furniture pieces to install, opt for the bold one so they’ll stand out from the rest. Moreover, you can also use some throw pillows to come up with the right color combination and pattern.

7. Put a flower garden

In addition to cozy seating, having a flower garden can make a huge difference in achieving a great outdoor living. There’s also nothing more refreshing if your backyard is surrounded by beautiful flowers and potted plants when you move in.


So, there you have it. If you want your entire moving in experience to be extra unique and refreshing, keep these ideas in mind for a great outdoor living. Whether it’s for entertaining, dining, or relaxing, there are so many things you can do to design your backyard and make it an attractive and comfortable outdoor space to use after you move in.

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Dianne has been writing blogs for Movers NYC for quite some time now. She has an interest in a lot of things that’s why she’s comfortable writing about different niche especially in business and marketing. When she’s not busy, Dianne spends her time with her husband, Francisco, and daughter, Faye. Because of her love for her family, she is always inspired to continually create informative and relevant blogs about businesses and moving companies NYC to a wide range of audience.


5 Clever Ideas for a DIY Garden Fountain

iStock 516235045 1024x798 5 Clever Ideas for a DIY Garden FountainThere are few things as soothing as sitting in your yard on a warm summer evening, listening to the babble of a water feature.

Fountains are perhaps the simplest approach to installing a water feature: as long as you have a power source to run it, you’re set.

And you can make a custom, DIY garden fountain from almost anything: stone, wall block, an urn, etc. Interested in creating your own fountain? Here are some ideas we came across.

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Making the Right Hardscaping Choices

iStock 000003757736Medium 1024x682 Making the Right Hardscaping Choices

Our world is one that thrives on balance. We enjoy foods that are sweet and foods that are salty. We watch some movies that are funny, others that are serious.

And in our backyards, we mix hardscaping – patios, pathways, stones, rocks and decks — with softscaping: things such as trees, plants, flowers or grass.

Without softscaping, your yard would seem harsh and forbidding, a sterile, uninviting place.

But without hardscaping, it would feel messy and overgrown. As you search for hardscaping supplies in PA, think about choosing these materials to give your property the right balance.

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Pennsylvania Bluestone Flagstone – The Basics

With the amazing proliferation of manufactured paver and imported stone options, it is easy to overlook local flagstone for your patio project.  Flagstone is a generic term for flat stone usually used for paving applications such as patios and walkways. In Pennsylvania, we use the term, flagstone, to refer to Pennsylvania Bluestone.  This layered stone is found only in eastern Pennsylvania and parts of northern New Jersey and southern New York.    Flagstone Irregular 150x150 Pennsylvania Bluestone Flagstone   The Basics

Bluestone quarries produce a rich variety of stone which results from the variety in the stone as various depths in the quarry.

The upper crust of a quarry becomes Colonial wall stone used for dry-stacked or mortared stone walls.  In the next layer, the pieces of broken stone become increasingly larger resulting in what is commonly called garden path, or stepping stones.  As these pieces become larger and thicker, they are referred to as slabs, generally used for large natural steps or water features.

Once past these top layers, the most popular bluestone layers emerge.  First, irregular or stand up flagstone – large irregular pieces 1-3” thick.  These pieces are dense enough for paver applications but not yet dense enough to be cut into large rectangles.  Next, the stone becomes dense enough to be cut into huge cubes which separate naturally as they dry.  This is pattern flagstone, pieces cut into squares and rectangles usually from 12” x 12” up to 24” x 36”.  This natural clef flagstone is the most common patio product.  Pattern flagstone is sorted into 1” (which is really ½” – 1 ¼” thick) and 1 ½” (which is at least 1 ¼” but can be much thicker).

Pattern Flagstone 150x150 Pennsylvania Bluestone Flagstone   The BasicsBut, there is still denser stone in the quarry.  These final layers are cut into thermal pattern, treads, and steps.  In these densest products, a saw cuts the exact thickness desired producing near perfect thickness versus the variety caused by natural clef separation.

Pennsylvania bluestone is not always blue.  Depending on the minerals in the stone, bluestone may be true blue, lilac, or, most common, variegated or full color.  Full color flagstone offers a huge range of beautiful colors, each piece unique: blue, green, taupe, lilac, brown, and rust.  It is this beauty which generally draws homeowners to this amazing stone.

Irregular, pattern, thermal bluestone can all be used for patios, sidewalks, and other outdoor paving applications.  Even driveways are possible with the thickest densest stone.  Flagstone projects may be wet laid, i.e., set in mortar on a concrete base, or dry set (most common), set in screenings or stone dust in a process very similar to manufactured pavers.