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Enjoying Your Outdoor Living Space in the Winter Months

iStock 519158148 300x200 Enjoying Your Outdoor Living Space in the Winter MonthsWinter is here. The skies are an unfriendly greyish white, the ground is frozen, and the wind gnaws at us whenever we go outside.

In other words, it’s the perfect time to enjoy your outdoor living space.

No, we’re not joking. There’s no reason to stop spending time in your backyard when winter comes. All it takes are a few adjustments.

1. Install a fire pit

Having a fire pit in your outdoor living space gives you a place to gather in the colder months. Think of it like having a permanent campfire going in your backyard. Some fire pits are portable, so you can move them around your backyard space, but most are permanent, which is a better look for the overall aesthetics of your yard.

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Properly Maintaining Your Chester County Hardscape This Winter

iStock 476878890 300x200 Properly Maintaining Your Chester County Hardscape This WinterYour hardscaping is durable, but it’s not invincible. Like a lot of parts of your property, it needs to be maintained to protect against harsh winter weather.

With winter here, we thought we’d offer up these tips for properly maintaining your Chester County hardscape this season.

Clear your surfaces when it snows

We hope that you’ve kept your pavers clean this autumn. When dirt and debris get caught under the snow, they can dull and stain your hardscaping.

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How to Choose Hardscaping Material

hardscaping materials 300x225 How to Choose Hardscaping MaterialHardscaping is like a lot of other products: it comes in several varieties. They all have their advantages, but some will be a better fit for your home than others.

Here’s what to know before you pay a visit to your Chester County hardscaping material supplier.


When we say concrete, don’t picture workers just mixing and pouring cement and calling it a day. In the hardscaping word, concrete typically refers to stamped concrete. This is concrete that is stamped and shaped and molded, allowing you to mimic the look of a more expensive stone without having to pay expensive stone prices.

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Autumn Hardscaping and Maintenance Projects

Tfire pit 300x200 Autumn Hardscaping and Maintenance Projectshere’s a chill in the air. The days are getting shorter, and the leaves have begun to change.

Fall has arrived, and although your thoughts might be turning to the indoors, there’s still time to take care of your lawn. That’s why we’ve put together this brief guide to some autumn hardscaping and maintenance projects you may want to tackle this season.

Be sure to use a reliable landscape & hardscape supplier in PA, like Woodward Landscape Supply, to gather the materials you’ll need to complete these projects.

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Planning Your Next Hardscaping Project

iStock 39176204 MEDIUM 300x199 Planning Your Next Hardscaping ProjectPlanning a hardscaping project is a thought-intensive process that must take into consideration many factors. While the creative process can be a lot of fun, you also have to keep in mind functionality, the existing space and your contractor before any ground is broken.

There’s a lot to consider, but with a little foresight and some help from your landscape and hardscape supplier, your space can look great for years to come.

Local Laws

First off, you may need to restrain your vision, depending on what your local building and zoning laws have to say. Check with your community’s rules governing such projects before you contact a contractor, so you don’t accidentally disappoint yourself with a dream design that can’t come true where you live.

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Landscape Supply Tips – Building a Wall Step 2: Look & Feel

Deciding How You Want the Wall to Appear

Regardless of the type of wall you want to build, you will find a huge selection of styles and colors in wall material. No matter where you find your landscape supply materials, manufactured wall block falls into two categories: Standard finish and aged finish. “Standard” products are characterized by square corners and a more consistent finish. “Aged” products are manufactured to look (obviously) old. Manufacturers may call this look antiqued, weathered, tumbled, or aged.

Standard finish products may be flat, split-faced, rounded, chiseled, or feature some type of beveling — all of these approaches produce a different visual impact in the final wall. Aged finishes also have a huge variety of looks. Given the significant variance in the visual results of different manufacturing processes, it is extremely important for you to see a sample wall before selecting the product. Although looking at an individual piece may help, you really want to see at least a small section of wall before selecting the finish you want.

versalok 150x150 Landscape Supply Tips   Building a Wall Step 2: Look & Feel

Individual Vera-Lok Weathered and Standard Blocks

Mmncmyk 150x150 Landscape Supply Tips   Building a Wall Step 2: Look & Feel

Tiered Wall Resulting from Standard Finish Block

Versa Lok Mosaic Wea 150x150 Landscape Supply Tips   Building a Wall Step 2: Look & Feel

Garden Wall from Versa-Lok Weathered Block










As an example, the picture above shows a single Versa-Lok block with both a standard and a aged finish.  The next two pictures show wall built from each of these two finishes.

See the difference?

There are many factors in pricing the construction of a wall.  Looking only at the wall material itself, two pricing rules generally apply:  (1) the larger the individual wall block, the less the wall material will cost per square foot. (2) for a given shape, aged walls cost more than standard walls.

After selecting finish, the other major element of look and feel is color. Every mnufacturer offers a selection of colors and if you consider the color pallet of the industry, you will find an amazing selection.  Although you will find a few solid colors among your options, most products will be blends of two colors.  More recently, manufacturers are beginning to introduce tri-color blends.  It is not necessary to limit yourself to one color.  Although not as common as a homogenous wall, colors can be mixed.

Never select a color from a catalog or a website.  Wall materials are not glossy, they have a natural finish and it is extremely unusual to find a picture that looks a lot like the real thing.  See a sample or, ideally, see several.  Usually, color has no impact on price unless you want a special order color.

In additional to manufactured products, wall can be built from natural stone. Natural stone is significantly more inconsistent in texture and color.  It’s beauty is that inconsistency.  The price range for natural stone is huge.  Generally, the labor for natural stone will be higher than for a manufactured product.

One of the newest trends in wall products is manufactured products that simulate natural stone.  For an example, consider Techo-Bloc’s Muro Naturale.

When you have finished your look and feel investigation, you will have selected a landscape supply product or short list of products that will define the texture, finish, color and, as a result, the overall impression that your wall will make.