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5 Benefits of Decorative Rock Landscaping

There is something peculiar about rock gardens. Rocks and stones represent a peaceful and grounded feature, which can truly be a remarkable addition to your yard. Besides being such a versatile element, rocks go amazingly well with water features and greenery. There are numerous ways you can add rock and stone to your garden area. By doing so, you will give your home an instant boost of curb appeal and a beautiful landscaping look. But, apart from standing the test of time, there are many more benefits to it. So, if you’re wondering how to improve your outside area, we’ve listed 5 benefits of decorative rock landscaping to help you choose.

Types of rock gardens

If you are a gardening enthusiast who will soon move to their dream home and create a garden of their dreams, we understand this might be a stressful period. With everything you need to take care of, packing your gardening tools properly might not have crossed your mind. However, if you want to avoid damage, special attention is imperative. It would be good to clean your tools first, have all the necessary supplies for packing, and keep everything organized. Once you’re done with the relocation, you’ll be able to devote your time to your garden without having to worry about buying new tools.

What you want your garden to reflect will affect what types of rocks you want to use. There are various styles, shapes, and sizes to choose from. To give you a better understanding, here are a few basics features to look for:

  • Rock size – For example, boulder gardens use larger stones to define space, while gravel gardens use small stones and gravel as the base for accent pieces or plants.
  • Rock type – Using local sources of rocks will give your garden a natural look and feel. This is what most garden owners opt for.
  • How much greenery is visible – This part depends a lot on the climate you live in, and of course, the esthetics you are going for.
  • Water usage – Water is another addition that goes well with rock, and a popular one too. It gives the feeling of Japanese Zen gardens.
A rock path in the middle of a green garden
Most rock gardens use local rocks and stone.

Benefits of decorative rock landscaping

There are various ways you can style your garden. So, why go with decorative rock landscaping? Well, we are here to tell you about its benefits. Here are our top 5 pros:

  1. Low maintenance and easy installation
  2. Unaffected by weather changes
  3. Protects plants, doesn’t decompose or attract pests
  4. Adds a focal point
  5. Durable and affordable

Low maintenance costs

Compared to other types of gardens, we can easily conclude that rock gardens are easier to maintain. Decorative rocks are practically maintenance-free. You do not need to be a greenery expert to have an attractive garden. No matter which season, by installing decorative rocks, your yard will always be on point. It’s no wonder stone has become such a popular feature. You can also choose the colors of your stone steps to match your house’s aesthetics.

Additionally, the area you dedicate to rock landscaping requires you to excavate only about 5cm beforehand. Therefore, a limited upkeep procedure and the fact they are so easy to set up make decorative stones a popular choice.

Able to withstand harsh weather conditions

Another advantage is viability in extreme heat or cold. Of course, this also counts with dry and wet weather. Additionally, plants that usually go with rock gardens are tough, and the rocks anchor down your garden for a long time. 

Decorative rock landscaping in the form of a path in a front yard
Rock gardens can survive harsh climates.

Protects plants, doesn’t decompose, and doesn’t attract pests

Stone does so much more for the plants apart from anchoring them. It is also a great barrier.

During summertime, rocks absorb heat, therefore preventing it from reaching the plant roots. This way, the plants can get all the advantages the Sun gives them, without the stress of excess heat. Stone also makes water evaporate less quickly, which means less possibility of drying out. During winter, it acts as an excellent insulator, keeping the plant roots from freezing.

Additionally, when compared to mulch as a popular solution for weed control, stones don’t decompose. Mulch can be time-consuming and expensive, while gravel and stone will probably last past their owner’s lifetime. When mulch breaks down, it attracts numerous pests, which is not the case with decorative rocks.

Creates a focal point in your yard

Decorative rocks have an effect in adding to the beauty and uniqueness of your outside space. They serve as a starting point for appreciating the rest of the space. Another role they can have is hiding less desirable aspects of your yard, such as a drain pipes.

A house with a green lawn and a decorative rock path in front
A nice path made out of decorative rocks gives an excellent first impression of your home.

You can go for an all-stone garden and create various color tones, textures, and dimensions if you want something different. But, of course, adding flowers will only make your garden more striking. 

Another option is to go for a large boulder set in a flower bed. You can also add outdoor lightning to ensure everything looks flawless during the evening hours. 

Durability and affordability

A yard covered in stone boosts its durability, that’s for sure. If you are also looking for inexpensive landscape materials, choosing decorative rocks is a great budget-friendly option.

Don’t forget the upkeep is almost non-existent, which makes it a great time and cost-effective option.

The takeaway from decorative rock landscaping

We hope you have fallen in love with decorative rock landscaping by now. When thinking of your dream yard, be sure to picture it as a Zen oasis with many stone and rock elements. These will add to the overall atmosphere, and you will definitely feel better not having to maintain your yard as often.

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