a fire pit in a backyard surrounded by big stones

5 Reasons to Install an Outdoor Fire Pit this Summer

With days getting longer and warmer as summer approaches, we have all the more reason to spend our free time outdoors. However, once the sun sets, it might be less tempting to stick around in your backyard. This is why it makes sense to install an outdoor fire pit this summer. This neat, unique hardscape feature will surely make your outdoor celebrations, family gatherings, and barbecues the talk of the neighborhood! Let’s see how.

First of all, fire pits are great for creating a grill-and-chill comfortable outdoor kitchen area. Most people who have backyards tend to use them sporadically over the years. This is a shame, of course, because backyards can be excellent places for relaxing, cooking, gardening, socializing, etc. There is really not a single good reason why you shouldn’t take advantage of this.

Gas-powered fire pits are easy to maintain

Although it may not seem so, fire pits that use gas are reasonably easy to maintain. You do not have to worry about running out of wood. Furthermore, fire pits that are lit up with propane reduce mess, ashes, and other debris. They are also easy to start, eliminating the need to stack and replenish wood or coal to maintain the fire.

It is not only supplies and low maintenance that might lead you to opt for a gas-powered fire pit. These kinds of fire pits are also safer because they do not emit sparks, which is crucial in dry summer months when the grass and foliage dries and becomes flammable.

Fire pits are a fantastic decorative feature for any backyard

Yet, the mentioned characteristics should not deter you from adding a regular fire pit to your backyard. With a natural stone veneer surrounding the fire pit, you have no cause for concern since the sparks and smoke will be contained within the fire pit area. Also, having natural stone surrounding this part of your backyard is a great way to make your backyard unique as well as enjoyable.

With a fire pit in place, you can organize all kinds of gatherings that will leave a lasting impression on your family, friends, and neighbors this summer. If you do not have the time to take care of plants and flowers, a fire pit will be a true statement piece that will make your backyard stand out effortlessly.

modern fire pit with burning wood

Decorate your backyard around the fire pit

Although you might need to adapt your backyard a little bit by constructing a path made of pavers or slabs, all the effort and investment will be worth it in the end. Furthermore, you can decorate your backyard with the fire pit taking center stage. You can further embellish a path leading to the fire pit with sculptures, stones, garden gnomes, or flowers. These additions will transform your regular backyard into an organic oasis where you can socialize, party, or contemplate on your own in the evenings.

Use this summer to decorate your outdoor area to perfection. This is the perfect time to get rid of any old appliances, gardening supplies, junk, and other things you keep piling up in your backyard. If you need help with moving your old items into a storage unit (or junkyard) in Chester County to make space for a fire pit, you can hire a moving crew to help you do this quickly and efficiently. You can rely on people from the area to do this without any delays or mistakes that would postpone the installation of the fire pit.

Fire pits can serve as outdoor kitchens and dining rooms as well

Unlike other nice landscape features that you can add to your backyard, such as fountains, fire pits can also be very practical. Aside from the usual marshmallow roasting, you can extend the functionality of the fire pit by placing a grill grate or a rotisserie over the flames. Thanks to this makeshift stove, you will be able to grill as many sausages, steaks, or fish as you want. You will no longer have to clean and air out your indoor kitchen (which can be really hard, especially in the summer).

metal grill grate placed over a fire pit for cooking

Also, you can place a table and chairs in the vicinity of the fire pit and thus make an outdoor “dining room.” This will transform your regular evening meals or barbecues into cozy, exciting, fire-lit events under the stars.

You can organize parties and gatherings around the fire pit

Aside from cooking, you can use your fire pit as a gathering spot all year round. You can make desert-themed parties in the summer, Halloween parties in the fall, and family gatherings in the winter as well. Not to mention a huge bonfire makes any birthday party an event to remember. Furthermore, you will probably be inclined to spend more time in your backyard. A fire pit can also serve as a “Stonehenge-y” setting for stargazing with your family or friends.

group of friends listening to guitar and hanging out around the fire pit

You can extend your interior decorative style to the fire pit area in your backyard

Of course, fire pits are so much more than just a stone barbecue. They are made in all shapes and sizes, which means you can construct them to fit your aesthetic preferences. If you are traditional when it comes to design, you can build a rustic, bowl-shaped pit surrounded by natural rocks and stones.

In contrast, if your personal taste gravitates toward minimalistic, modern lines and structures, your fire pit can reflect this as well. Flat, smooth paving with a simplistic stone or marble ledge surrounding the fire pit makes for a perfect chill-out zone for your family and friends to make use of in the summer.

All in all, if you decide to install an outdoor fire pit this summer, you can use this opportunity to showcase your style and aesthetic affinities tastefully and practically.

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