Transform Your Outdoor Space for Entertaining

Landscape Design for Backyard Entertainment

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Are you ready to Transform your Outdoor Space for Entertaining? Outdoor patios, balconies and backyards can provide the perfect space for hosting guests. With careful planning and consideration, you can turn your outdoor space into an entertainment zone you’d be proud to show off. Here are some tips on how to create an outdoor space that is functional, stylish and comfortable for guests.

Choose the Right Materials for Flooring

Your flooring materials will have a big impact on the look, feel and durability of your outdoor space. Natural stone is a very popular material for patio flooring, as it brings the appeal of nature, lasts for decades, requires little maintenance. When choosing a type of natural stone, you have a range of choices. For a rustic look, you could opt for natural clef flagstone. If you’re after a more elegant look, travertine and thermal bluestone are popular choices. Both materials are ideal for outdoor poolside patios and compliment the natural environment beautifully.

Other options include concrete pavers, clay brick, and porcelain tile.  Each presents it own unique characteristics including different installation issues and visual effects.

Outdoor Seating Area Woodward Landscape Design

Plan an Outdoor Seating Area

Investing in high-quality outdoor furniture will bring style, comfort and function to your outdoor entertaining space. The first thing to do is measure your space to figure out how many pieces of furniture you can fit in. Once you have an accurate measurement, look for furniture that is durable, practical and low maintenance.  Choose colors and styles that are an extension of your indoor furniture design – this will help create a natural indoor-outdoor flow for your home. Be sure to move your furniture into storage when it’s not being used, to ensure it lasts as long as possible. If your storage space is limited, find furniture pieces that are easy to fold, stack or take apart when needed.

Outdoor Backyard Garden Lights Woodward Landscape Supply

Install Lighting

You can find countless options available for outdoor lighting. It’s important to provide enough light throughout your entire space to avoid potential trip hazards. If you have paths or steps in your outdoor space, installing a few well-placed lights on the ground is a good safety measure.

For your designated dining area, an elegant pendant light will illuminate the space beautifully and provide soft, convenient light during dinnertime conversation. Decorative lanterns also work well here, as they are easy to move and come in a range of styles. You can choose to line them up on the wall, put them into clusters on the dining table, or place them in various edges around your outdoor space.

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Create a Grilling Station

You can make your grilling station as complex or simple as you’d like. It all depends on how much space you have and how far you want to go with your design. All you really need for a basic grilling station is a good quality grill and some storage space. However, if you want to transform your grilling station into a fully functional outdoor kitchen, you’ll need to install additional elements like a sink and tap, and a bench top for preparing food. When choosing appliances and kitchenware, it’s always worth investing in long-lasting, quality materials that will withstand outdoor weather for a long time.

Creating a beautiful outdoor backyard space

Create A Green Landscape

Outdoor entertaining spaces need greenery to add visual interest. Consider using synthetic grass to create a beautiful green landscape. Synthetic grass can be cut into different shapes and transformed into abstract landscapes or designs. The best part is that artificial gardens require little to no maintenance. They are designed to keep their green appearance all year round, no matter what season it is. Synthetic grass will save you money on water bills and other resources needed for yard maintenance, such as lawnmower fuel.

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