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The Best Ways to Use Stone Veneer

Last year, we spent a lot of time discussing manufactured stone. Now, we’d like to turn our attention to the benefits of natural stone veneer.

This masonry product is produced by slicing natural stone into thin pieces, which are then molded into squares, strips, ledgestone and other shapes.

One of the chief benefits of this stone is its ability to be further cut and shaped during installation. It has the same color and texture throughout, so it can be reshaped without losing its look.

There’s also a wide variation within the stone, giving each piece and each project an individual look, whether you’re installing stone veneer siding, a stone veneer fireplace or stone veneer interior walls. Here are some of the ways natural stone veneer can transform your home.

Outside the home

Stone veneer siding and other natural stone accents can add flair to the exterior of your home. It’s a way to show both a sense of style as well as security. Fewer things seem stronger than stone.

From the outside, stone veneer siding makes it seem as though you’re living in a castle, even as you enjoy all the comforts of modern life inside.

Stone veneer fireplaces

Your ordinary fireplace takes on a new dimension with the addition of stone veneer. A stone veneer fireplace can completely alter the look and feel of your room.

Lighter stones can make the space seem cozier and more inviting, while a darker stone veneer fireplace can become the visual focal point of the room.

Walls and doorways

Natural stone veneer interior walls in a large space is a great way to bring new life to a room without making it feel closed off. You can frame a doorway with stone veneer to help enhance the feeling of that room (dark stones for a dark bedroom or study, for example).

How to choose stone veneer

Are you interested in installing stone veneer siding or a stone veneer fireplace? Our friends at QuarryCut offer this guide to choosing the right stone veneer:

  1. Choose your application – Like we noted above, natural stone veneer can enhance virtually any surface of your home.
  2. Pick the right type of stone – Not all stones are the same. QuarryCut offers a wide selection, from classic New England fieldstone to ledgestone to ashlar cut.
  3. Choose your colors – Stones come in a range of colors, from warm browns to luxurious purplish shades to sharp greys. Take your time and review some samples to find the color that best matches your home and your personality. You can also enhance the look of your stone by blending colors.
  4. Installation questions – QuarryCut says its natural thin stone can be installed “dry stack,” which means gaps in the stone aren’t pointed with grout or mortar to fill in spaces, leading to a natural look. However, you can choose to use mortar to bring a special finishing touch to your project.


At Woodward Landscape Supply, we’re proud to offer natural stone veneer from QuarryCut. Visit our showroom today to learn how we can help transform your home.

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