Creating an Outdoor Wonderland for Your Family

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Are you worried you and your loved ones are not getting enough sun and fresh air? Today, we’re all stuck in front of the screens for the majority of the day and getting outside is totally neglected. So, how can you encourage your family to enjoy the outdoors? Create a Wonderland in the Open that your entire family will love!

Clean up your lawn

Sometimes the best thing you can do for your outdoor family wonderland is clear some space for activities and get ready to have a blast playing soccer, tag or duck duck goose! So, make sure your lawn is in top shape by cutting it regularly. If you don’t want to bother with mowing and fertilizing, opt for artificial grass that will look amazing yet require no maintenance. Create a practical path around your lawn with green permeable pavers and you’ll have a well-designed open playground for your kids.

Boost privacy


The first rule of an oasis: It has to be intimate and safe from outside influences. So, make sure to provide your yard with plenty of privacy that will allow you to fully relax and have fun without your nosey neighbors trying to see what’s happening. Creating a fence is a classic solution, but you can also invest in a pergola over your patio. Cover your structure with some light curtains or flowering vines and you’ll create a perfectly intimate space. If you don’t want to build anything, you can plant tall plants around the perimeter. Think fast-growing plants like Bamboo, Privet, Cypress Tree or Lilly Pilly (very popular in Australia).

Go green

Every outdoor wonderland is filled with greenery, so make sure to boost your gardening game and add some plants to your space. Just a few flower beds can make your simple garden look like paradise. Also, two or three planters placed around your yard and patio will boost your aesthetics even more. If you have limited space, feel free to go vertical with a hanging garden.

Make it comfortable


If you want to encourage your family to spend time outside, better grab some comfortable furniture for your space. For instance, cheer up your patio with colorful seating and make sure to add plenty of it for the entire family. Throw a few weather-resistant pillows on your furniture for added comfort and you’ll spend many evenings talks outdoors this year.

Unite all the elements

Do you love those fun evening nights at camp when you roast marshmallows and tell stories? Well, you can recreate that in your backyard with a practical fire pit. It will serve as a wonderful contrast to your spa and unite all natural elements in one space. Surround your fire pit with some seating and you’ll be spending many chill evenings there. And if you live somewhere inland, lay some sand beneath your feet for that beach vibe.

Pamper yourself in an outdoor spa

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Can you imagine anything more relaxing than hopping into your private spa after a long workday or during a lazy Sunday? Today, you can find amazing spas and swim spas perfect for all families (from small ones with just you and your partner to double-digits ones with multiple kids). These are perfect for relaxation, parties and hydrotherapy that will allow everyone to relax and unwind completely.  And if you pick a swim model, the entire family can keep fit and healthy with daily swimming sessions. However, make sure you always keep an eye on the kids when they’re using the spa and purchase covers!

Create a secret hideaway

Everyone needs some alone time every now and then, so make sure your outdoor space has that feature. Find a tucked away corner in your yard and create a private secret nook. This little spot is perfect for both grownups and kids to escape the noise and stress of life and just unwind. Provide this space with a cozy chair or a hammock and voila! You have a perfect spot where you can enjoy a good book and a cool drink—what more does one need for relaxation?

Make it fun and cozy for kids


In order to provide your entire family with ultimate outdoor comfort and fun, make sure to give your youngest family members a cozy place to play and relax. For instance, you can get a quality artificial grass for play sessions on the ground. If you have enough space, you can create a fun sandbox or introduce a swing or a small slide to your yard. Once your entire family is included, your space will truly become a wonderland!

Spending time outside is crucial for the mental and physical health of both adults and children. So, if you want your family to catch some sun, get physical activity and breathe some fresh air, make sure to provide them with a wonderful outdoor space. Let your kids play while you relax with your partner and you’ll truly start wondering how you got so lucky!

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