Don’t Make These Mistakes When Installing Artificial Grass

artificial grass between flagstone e1544037732348 Don’t Make These Mistakes When Installing Artificial Grass

You love your lawn. It’s a lovely emerald carpet that provides your home with an extra dose of color and curb appeal.

Sure, it can be a pain to mow, but you enjoy the way it looks, the smell of freshly cut grass on a warm summer evening.

Still, but there are times when grass just won’t cut it for your landscaping project. That’s where artificial grass can help.

Let’s say you have a swimming pool. Artificial turf will prevent grass clippings, mud and lawn fertilizer from getting in the water.

We had a client whose local municipality put impervious surface restrictions on their swimming pool project. By installing artificial grass between the pavers around their pool, they were able to avoid these restrictions, because when installed over dirt, artificial turf is permeable.

Do your kids have a backyard swing set? Some artificial grass provides them with cushiony fall protection while eliminating grass stains and muddy foot prints.

Using artificial grass to create a putting green or a bocce court can provide a unique – and fun – enhancement to your backyard.

And installing artificial grass – between flagstones or in larger swaths throughout your yard – can be easy…as long as you know what mistakes to avoid.

Here’s a guide to what not to do when you install artificial grass.

1. Don’t forget to measure

The carpentry adage “Measure twice, cut once” applies here as well. Measure the space where you’ll be installing your artificial grass at least twice to ensure you have enough turf to cover the area.

2. Don’t install on an uneven base

Before you install artificial grass, you’ll need to make sure you’re placing it atop an even base. Remove any rocks or roots, as these will cause the turf to appear bumpy. You can use a plate compactor or a sod roller to flatten the base layer until it’s smooth.

3. Don’t forget about proper drainage

When installing artificial grass between flagstones, make sure you have proper drainage. Putting in artificial grass on a flat surface with little to no drainage can lead to flooding.

Installing a drainage fill can help you prevent flooding.

4. Don’t go against the grain

Just like real grass, artificial turf has individual blades that grow in one direction. Make sure you’ve laid your turf so that the blades all face the same direction.

5. Don’t neglect weed blocker

While there’s obviously going to be less grass to mow when you install artificial grass between flagstone, you’ll still need to worry about weeding. By installing a weed blocker under the turf, you can prevent weeds and other plants from trying to surface.

6. Don’t toss out your scraps

Hang on to any leftover scraps of artificial grass once the installation is complete. You can use them to make minor repairs or as a visual reference if you need to order more artificial grass.

Are you looking to install artificial grass on your property? Turn to Woodward Landscape Supply. Our experts can make sure your new artificial turf is both safe and pleasing to the eye. Contact us today to learn more.

One thought on “Don’t Make These Mistakes When Installing Artificial Grass

  1. Tori Raddison

    I agree that you should measure the area at least twice so you can be sure you have enough and can get more if you need it. My grass keeps dying no matter what I do. It would be much better if I had artificial turf. Then I won’t have to worry about keeping it alive!


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