Amazing Choices for Fire Pit Media

iStock 545549498 e1534428473436 1024x627 Amazing Choices for Fire Pit MediaFire pits have become a popular addition to outdoor living environments.  Every manufacturer of hardscaping materials offers at least one and sometimes many options.  Manufactured materials can also be used to craft a fire pit into an unusual design to fit the unique requirements of a specific project.  And, of course, fire pits can be made from natural stone.  Regardless of the shape, size or materials, a fire pit may burn wood or be fueled by natural gas or propane.  When completing a fire pit with gas or propane, the burner must be surrounded by decorative media.  Here are a few amazing media options you can use to create the final look.

GlassGreen Fire Glass Amazing Choices for Fire Pit Media

Premium reflective glass comes in ¼” or ½” sizes and a dozen colors.  The reflective nature of this material makes it very attractive but also on the expensive end of the price scale.  Recycled glass costs about half as much. Unlike most recycled products, this glass is tempered to allow it to withstand high temperatures so it does not melt or burn.  Recycled glass coves in ½ – 1” and six colors. This is our most popular glass option.


Unlike angular glass, zircon is rounded beads. Zircon provides an alternative between reflective and recycled glass in both cost and appearance.  Available in six colors, zircon’s luster comes from a semi-reflective coating available in six colors.

Lava Rockblack lava rock e1534428083597 Amazing Choices for Fire Pit Media

Available in black or red, lava rock creates a classic look. Probably the most popular choice due to its appealing price and size. Lava rock is a 1 – 1 1/2” media.  Also available tumbled in gray or black for a more contemporary look, tumbled lava rock is significantly more expensive.

With any of these media options, you can also add ceramic pine logs to add a surprisingly realistic-looking fire arrangement to your fire pit.  Ceramic pine logs come in a variety of styles (pine or oak), sizes (24” – 48” long), and packages (7 to 14 pieces).  Starting price is a remarkably reasonable $295.

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