Simple Ways to Design and Transform Your Outdoor Space – Guest Post

Do you have a garden or other outdoor space that could really do with some remodeling? If you’re willing to get creative, there are hundreds of ways to create a little oasis for yourself. Try these simple ideas to transform your outdoor space:

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Create a backyard water oasis

Water is often the best, easiest way of transforming an environment from barren to serene. Relaxing while listening to or looking at the fountain in your backyard will soon become one of your life’s great pleasures. When designing or choosing a fountain, you have plenty of options – first, consider what you can fit into your space and then unleash your creativity in designing the space around your dream fountain in whatever shape and style you choose. If you already have a fountain, another interesting backyard feature you could consider is a well-kept pond.

Give your kids a fun play space

When transforming your outdoor space, why not take into account the younger members of your family? Giving them a space to roam will both get them out of the house and help them to appreciate the outdoors. Stock your garden with tried and tested kid favourites like a trampoline (with a safety net, so the kids can play without too much supervision) or a sandpit for younger children. If you have suitably strong, tall trees, and your kids are old enough, why not build them a treehouse? They’ll love spending time in their own private space and you’ll be giving them the chance to build great memories with their siblings and friends.

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Make a lounging space for adults

If you don’t have kids around or would simply prefer to make your outdoor space a place for yourself, nobody’s judging! If you are comfortable with landscaping, why not create the perfect grown-up lounging space by designing and building a fire pit. Once it’s finished and furnished with a few outdoor chairs, you’ll have an impressive place to spend time with your friends and family. You might even like to include hammocks: perfect for lazy Sunday afternoons with a book and a beer, or even for a quick snooze on warm days.

Create a multi-level outdoor space for a cosy winter

If you want to maximise your space, consider building a multi-level structure, such as a tiered deck. When winter arrives, ready your outdoor space by equipping it with your favourite rugs, mats, and decorations. Outdoor heating is now relatively painless to install and use, so even though spending time outdoors in winter might feel counterintuitive, the right outdoor heating system can keep you just as cosy as you would be inside, with the added bonus of fresh air. Plus, you won’t have to deal with those pesky mosquitoes in the colder months – take advantage of that before summer arrives!

Use colour

Whatever you decide to do with your outdoor space, spruce it up by adding some colour. You’ll be much more likely to want to spend time outside if your space is welcoming. Bright chairs, tables, or plant pots will all help create a pleasant environment to share with your family and friends.

image3 Simple Ways to Design and Transform Your Outdoor Space   Guest PostTransforming your outdoor space doesn’t need to break the bank. Simply having a pleasant place to relax can do wonders for your life and will make it easier for you to entertain guests. Even positioning a few chairs and a table in your backyard will make you want to spend more time outside. Assess your outdoor space with a critical eye and start your planning today!


Harper Reid is a freelance writer from Auckland, New Zealand who is especially passionate about home décor and design. She often finds inspiration while browsing design stores or when watching her favourite home improvement shows. You can find more of Harper’s work on Tumblr.


Image Sources:

Backyard pond – Pxhere under CC0 Public Domain License

Woman on hammock – Unsplash under License

Colorful chairs – Max Pixel under Creative Commons Zero License

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