Adding a Fountain to Your Landscape

Fountain supplier in Chester County PAThe auditory and visual appeal of moving water can have a highly meditative effect. The soothing sound of a babbling brook can ease your mind while relaxing, working or trying to sleep at night.

However, not every home is situated near a moving stream or waterfall. Thankfully, it is possible to find a hardscape supplier in Chester County capable of adding a fountain, waterfall and other water elements to your property.

Is your yard missing a fountain?

Some folks will consider a fountain as a close second-place to the rustling stream they had in their childhood home, or in the house of their dreams. Others will see the fountain as a symbol of achievement or a celebration of life.

Have you ever taken a step back, looked at a portion of your yard or patio and realized something was missing?

A yard fountain as a means of self-expression.

Adding a fountain need not be expensive, nor must it be a “cookie-cutter” solution you’ve seen a dozen times at Home Depot. Most consumer fountains cycle water in a self-circulating manner. They consist of very few parts.

Some common fountain parts include:

  • Pump
  • Power supply
  • Collection tank
  • Decorative element(s)

Make the most of your fountain investment. Find a creative idea or design so your fountain is truly yours. Everything from a Nascar hood, to carefully-placed pottery shards can be conceived as possible fountain decorative material.

The “Dry Fountain” alternative.

Ideal for corporate settings, or to give your kids incredible bragging rights over their friends, a dry fountain is another possible option. A dry fountain consists of special flooring tiles equipped with water jets, draining functions, and sometimes lighting.

These are commonly found in the entrance of amusement parks and occasionally at a large company’s corporate headquarters. They get the name “dry fountain” because when the fountain is switched off, the walkway becomes dry for pedestrian traffic.

Five fountain owner basics:

  1. Hardwired vs. Solar: The hardwired option gets more expensive the further you wish to place the fountain from your home. A solar-powered fountain will be limited in the amount of pressure it can create and will require adequate sun exposure.
  2. Regular cleaning: Algae and other natural buildup can accumulate in the various parts of your fountain. Your fountain installation contractor will prescribe a specific cleaning method and cleaning solution for the job.
  3. Winter maintenance: Every fountain should be completely drained before the first frost of the season. If your fountain is directly connected to your home’s plumbing system, a separate shut-off valve usually must be switched-off as well.
  4. Seek specialists for highest quality installations. Most contractors will say ‘yes’ if you ask them if they can install a water feature on your property. If you hire a contractor who doesn’t specialize, you run risks. A poorly-installed, or poorly-designed system can be a breeding ground for algae and mold.
  5. You can always start small. If you’re not entirely sure you’re ready for a big commitment like a fountain or pond, smart small. Find a small water element project you can start with as a test. Maybe a lion or fish’s head spitting water out of its mouth, for example. These simple units often are recirculating systems and require minimal maintenance costs.

Fountains, Ponds and Waterfalls: Create an Oasis

Who doesn’t love treating themselves? After a long work day isn’t it nice coming home and enjoying the sound of water trickling in your backyard. Well, for some, a fountain alone would not nearly be enough! The dream of some involves multi-level ponds and stream networks incorporating multiple waterfalls.

For another person, a simple hose-fed bird bath would be perfect. How you make a splash will depend on your property configuration, budget and the capabilities of local landscape architects. Your local climate is another key factor.

Ready to make a splash?

If you’re ready to add a fountain to your landscape and are looking for a hardscape supplier in Chester County, look no further than Woodward Landscape Supply. Our team is ready to provide you with a soothing addition to your outdoor living space. Contact us today to get started.

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