Enjoying Your Outdoor Living Space in the Winter Months

iStock 519158148 300x200 Enjoying Your Outdoor Living Space in the Winter MonthsWinter is here. The skies are an unfriendly greyish white, the ground is frozen, and the wind gnaws at us whenever we go outside.

In other words, it’s the perfect time to enjoy your outdoor living space.

No, we’re not joking. There’s no reason to stop spending time in your backyard when winter comes. All it takes are a few adjustments.

1. Install a fire pit

Having a fire pit in your outdoor living space gives you a place to gather in the colder months. Think of it like having a permanent campfire going in your backyard. Some fire pits are portable, so you can move them around your backyard space, but most are permanent, which is a better look for the overall aesthetics of your yard.

2. Put in an outdoor fireplace

Another option for keeping warm outdoors this winter is a fireplace. This not only makes your outdoor living space look warmer and more inviting, it increases the value of your home. An outdoor fireplace can be built as an extension of an outdoor kitchen, or to complement your existing deck or patio. Keep in mind that fireplaces can cost more than fire pits, but also are more visually appealing.

3. Glass enclosed patios

While this won’t exactly warm your patio, it will keep out cold air and wind, while also protecting your outdoor furniture from ice and snow. If this won’t work for you, consider adding some extra windows to your back room or sun room. It will be like you’re enjoying the outdoors from inside.

4. Add some light, and some lighter colors

Brighten your outdoor space with some brighter colors to make the grey hues of winter seem less omni-present. Colors like lilac and silver are seasonal without being too gloomy. You may also want to consider adding some light fixtures to your deck or patio. This will keep things illuminated year round, not just in the dead of winter.

If you’re looking to make your outdoor living space more winter-friendly, Woodward Landscape Supply can help.

Contact our team to learn more about our fireplaces, fire pits or even fire boulders, the latest in our line of fire features. We’ll be happy to help you find a way to make your backyard more inviting this winter.

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