How to Choose Hardscaping Material

hardscaping materials 300x225 How to Choose Hardscaping MaterialHardscaping is like a lot of other products: it comes in several varieties. They all have their advantages, but some will be a better fit for your home than others.

Here’s what to know before you pay a visit to your Chester County hardscaping material supplier.


When we say concrete, don’t picture workers just mixing and pouring cement and calling it a day. In the hardscaping word, concrete typically refers to stamped concrete. This is concrete that is stamped and shaped and molded, allowing you to mimic the look of a more expensive stone without having to pay expensive stone prices.


Brick is a great hardscaping choice for homeowners who live in an older home and want to maintain its historic character. It’s easy to maintain brick, and you should have no trouble finding hardscaping bricks that match the rest of your home.

Natural Stone

With natural stone, you’ll achieve a more unique look for your patio, walkway or outdoor kitchen area. It’s an extremely durable choice, although it can often require more time and effort for your hardscaping material supplier to install natural stone, meaning you’ll likely spend more money.


Also known as slate or blue stone, flagstone creates an elegant patio or walk. It’s one of the most popular choices on the market today.

At Woodward Landscape Supply, a hardscaping material supplier in Chester County, we can create a random mix of flagstone sizes, or design a specific pattern at your request.


Pavers are interlocking stones that offer an array of walkway and patio patterns. These durable blocks are made from your choice of stone. Most manufacturers offer a choice of pavers and slabs. They are both essentially the same kind of stone. The difference is that pavers are thicker and more durable, the choice of homeowners installing a driveway or any other space that will see heavy traffic.

If you’re in the market for new hardscaping, contact Woodward Landscape Supply.

In addition to our landscaping expertise, we have more than two decades’ experience as a hardscape material supplier, offering materials from major brands such as Techo-Bloc, CST and EP Henry. No matter the material you choose, you can count on us to make your property look its best.

3 thoughts on “How to Choose Hardscaping Material

  1. Duncan Lance

    Wow, I did not realize that there were so many different types of material to choose from when it came to adding hardscaping elements to your landscape. However, I have to say that one of my personally preferred options would be natural stone because of how durable it it. Couple that with the fact that it looks more natural than some of the other choices and you can get yourself a very unique looking landscape.

  2. Rae Winch

    It got me when you said that a natural stone is perfect for the hardscape if I want to achieve natural and unique beauty and durability at the same time. I will mention this to my sister as she plans on getting the hardscaping done in the near future. Since the design of the house is unique but vintage, I think she will need to use something that will work well with the way it looks. Natural stone seems to fit the description perfectly.

  3. Rosie Beckett

    I am remodeling my backyard because my daughter’s wedding is coming up and she wants to have the ceremony at home! It is important for me to find a quality supply company to provide me with the materials that I need but I also need to decide exactly what materials I want to use for the backyard. You make a great point that natural stone is extremely durable and will provide a unique look. It could be to make the walkway from the patio to the rest of the backyard out of natural stone. I will look for a supply company that has been in business for many years because this way I can trust their experience and advice that they share with me in helping me choose materials.


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