You Want Veneered Walls in PA, But…

CSW 300x168 You Want Veneered Walls in PA, But...Stone veneer introduces a special beauty as an element of outdoor design.  In spite of the exceptional contribution that veneer can make to a patio or garden wall, the complexities and cost frequently eliminate this choice as a viable option.  Over the last few years, manufacturers have introduced a variety of new products to present alternatives to the originally rough textured walls without incurring the costs of masonry veneered walls. Some of these options are quite compelling, while others have not found as much market acceptance.

Alternative Veneered Walls in PA

Techo-Bloc Corporation has introduced five systems over the last three years that offer a dramatically different look from traditional split-faced walls:  Prescott, Graphix, Rocka, Borealis, and Brandon.  Prescott reminds you of individual pieces of wall stone dry-stacked.  Rocka also has a natural stone look but in very large segments, more like flat boulders.  Borealis mimics the look of timber.  Graphix offer the contemporary flair.  And Brandon, the newest offering, suggests the look and feel of stone but in more rectangular pieces than Prescott.   You may see examples of these wall systems on the Techo Bloc website.

EP Henry Company has also innovated during this period.  Stacked Stone Wall brings the look and feel of natural stone to segmental wall construction.   But EP Henry created a truly compelling alternative to masonry veneered walls last year with the introduction of Cast Stone Wall.

Because EP Henry already has an excellent simulated stone veneer line, Cast Veneer Stone, they had a key component from which to build. The Cast Stone Wall approach is to manufacture individual pieces with different combinations of veneer pieces on the face. The block size is 6” x 16” – a classic segmental retaining wall size.  Each block has from one to six pieces of veneer permanently attached to the surface.  When these varying pieces are built into a wall, the wall appears veneered.  And none of the complicated expensive masonry steps are required:  no 3-foot poured concrete footer, no core construction, no pointing.   The Cast Stone Wall and other EP Henry wall options can be viewed on their website.

Veneered Walls Innovations

While all of the newer wall designs which move away from classic split face texture are less expensive than masonry veneer, all have a higher cost than the traditional options. So cost will still be a factor, but with more granularity in the cost range. What makes these innovations so exciting is the breadth of choices available.  From traditional, to simulated stone, to contemporary, each homeowner now has a larger portfolio of products from which to select the best fit for each individual taste.

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