Firepits for Fall: Fire Pits in Bucks County PA

Outdoor Fire Pit Bucks CountyAs the hot summer weather begins to fade, the cooler fall weather comes into play. For some people, this is their favorite holiday. It means the leaves turning colors, hay rides, and sweaters. It also means cooler temperatures, so if you have a yard, patio or deck, you might want to invest in a fire pit for that fall weather. Fire pits come in all sorts of sizes and shapes for your convenience, and they come in a variety of materials and colors as well as heating solutions too in order to fit everyone’s needs. Here are a few of the best fire pits for fall.

Fire Pit Kit

If you are one of those folks that loves to build stuff on your own, a fire pit kit is an excellent choice. Every major hardscaping manufacturer offers a kit in a selection of their most popular colors. Like most kits, these include everything you need to build your own PA fire pit: decorative building blocks, a screen, and a bowl or liner. Essentially it’s a pretty easy process. The only potentially tricky part is preparing the ground where you want to place the fire pit..

Portable Fire Pits in Bucks County

If you are one of the many people that wants a fire pit but you don’t have a lot of room to place a larger one or you don’t own your home and cannot permanently place one on the property, the portable fire pit is a nice option for you. As the name says, this fire pit can be placed where ever is convenient, even right on your outdoor table. Not only can it add warmth to your patio – some fire pits like this reach up to 60,000 BTUs, but may be made of glass, aluminum, or other materials that offer a contemporary look.

Fire Pit Columns

These pits are really different and not the symbolic “pits” or bowls you think about when you hear the word fire pits. Instead, these are tall and skinny columns that have a small section for the fire pit on top. They are very decorative, but can still be put into use. Some ideas for these might be to put an even row on both sides of your walkway to your pool, patio or yard. You could also place a few around your patio for extra warmth during those cooler months. The columns come in a variety of heights and sizes, as well as finishes and colors.

Linear Burner Fire Pits in Bucks County PA

Another nice option – this is both modern in design and will give you the warmth you need. This has a linear burner that runs along the base of the pit. What this means is that instead of having a square or circle pit, you have a long slim pit. These can fit just about anywhere and they usually give off about 88,000 BTUs which should be plenty of heat! Since this is such a modern design, the base and foundation of this pit is wooden with a stucco front. These also come with an optional fire guard to keep the flames from going outside of the guard.

Fire Boulders

One of the newest approaches is the fire boulder. A hole and a bowl-like area are carved out of a large boulder. The hole provides a route for connecting to a gas line or propane tank. The bowl holds a burner and bed of stone or glass. Each boulder is unique making this approach highly personal. The challenge with fire boulders is the need professional help in placing the boulder (weight) and connecting it to fuel.

Common Fire Pit

These are the most common fire pits in Bucks County PA that you see in homes around the world. They tend to be made from stone or bricks, usually in a circular or square shape. These can be filled with coals or wood and can continuously be lit for hours on end when they are stoked. If you don’t want to buy an actual kit for a common pit, it’s actually pretty easy to just make one on your own and you only need to make a few adjustments to the ground.

There are, as mentioned, a few heating sources to use when it comes to your pits. Some of the above options can only use one type of heat source, it depends on what material your pit is made out of and what it was designed for. The most common sources for heat are; logs, gas and gel. A lot of people love the smell of burning logs, but you will need a steady supply of wood and you will need a way to keep the fire lit. Most people will suggest a screen in order to keep the air circulating and keep the wood burning. Gas, can get expensive, but it’s one of those light it and not have to worry about relighting it situations. It burns for as long as you want or need it to. Gel can also get expensive, and sometimes gel has an off putting smell to it when the cans are first lit. But, again, like gas, they can go on for hours and hours without being touched or fiddled with. Other options include lava rocks, coal or charcoal and artificial rocks just to name a few.

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