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When you are designing or building a surface, whether it is a patio, sidewalk, driveway, or any other surface, there are a myriad of product options available. Products used for these surfaces generally fall into two categories, pavers and slabs. The basic difference between the two categories is the difference in load that they can bear. The relative strength of each option is a result of the product’s thickness and surface area. The larger the size of the product, the thicker it must be to be considered a paver and not a slab. Manufacturing process also plays a role in the relative strength of the finished product. For instance, products made using wet cast manufacturing are inherently weaker and are nearly always considered slabs.

Pavers and slabs may look similar, and most manufacturers offer lines of both pavers and slabs in Bucks County PA. There are general rules regarding the use of these products. If the surface is designed for pedestrian traffic, such as a patio, sidewalk, pool deck, etc., then either pavers or slabs are suitable. If the surface application needs to carry a heavier (vehicular or commercial pedestrian) load, then pavers must be used.

Bucks County Pavers

Hardscaping Project: Paver

Example of a paver

Pavers come in a breathtaking variety of designs, colors, and shapes. They can emulate many other surfaces, including brick, flagstone, cobblestones, and many more. They are made from a variety of materials, such as brick, concrete, and natural stone. Natural pavers are more expensive than the synthetic versions. However, in recent years concrete paver design has evolved in such a way that they can easily and convincingly emulate natural stone.

Pavers are also virtually maintenance free aside from cleanings to help them maintain their appearance. Some pavers can be sealed to enhance their look or give them a “wet” finish. More information on sealing pavers can be found here.

Woodward Landscape Supply carries pavers by EP Henry, Techo-Bloc, CST, and more.

Hardscaping Project: Slabs

Example of a Slab Installation

Bucks County Slabs

Slabs generally have a larger surface area than pavers and are thinner, which leads to their lessened ability to withstand larger loads. However, slabs can be ideal for areas that can expect only light pedestrian traffic. Because of their relative thinness, slabs also allow for larger individual blocks to be used, leading to a more expansive look and feel that replicates the look of natural flagstone.

Woodward Landscape Supply carries slabs by EP Henry, Techo Bloc, CST, and more.

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