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Selecting Materials for Hardscaping Projects: The Color RED

NaturalStonePavers1 201301151 150x150 Selecting Materials for Hardscaping Projects: The Color REDAs a supplier of both manufactured and natural stone pavers, segmental walls, and related products, we help homeowners select hardcaping project material every day.  It doesn’t matter whether the customer is a Do-It-Yourself-er or using a professional contractor, the decision process involves the same set of issues.  And color is always a major decision.

When planning a new patio, sidewalk, or other outdoor living environment enhancement, homeowners usually look first at the colors in their home.  Options get quickly narrowed down to complement or match strategies and many beautiful options are always available.

However, the decision tends to become much more difficult when the existing environment features the color red.  For any shopper who has ever tried to find a red blouse or shirt to match the red in another piece of clothing, the issue is obvious.  Reds don’t match.

All grays blend.  You can always find a brown that will complement another brown. But not reds.  Reds are blue or orange or pink or purple.  The variety in shades of red is endless.

If you have red siding, red shutters, red shingles, red brick veneer, look for grays, browns or a gray brown blend.  Unless you get amazingly lucky, a new red will clash.NaturalStonePavers 201301151 150x150 Selecting Materials for Hardscaping Projects: The Color RED

If you have manufactured red pavers or walls and you want more red, use the same color from the same manufacturer.  But check to make sure the formula for the color of that hardscaping project material has not changed since you installed your existing project.

Manufacturers of concrete pavers make reds that are designed to look good with clay brick.  And once in a while, the combination works.  But, not often.  If you think you see a product that will work for you, take a color sample home before making your final decision.

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Using Boulders to Accent Hardscaping

If you are looking for a way to add an interesting accent to your hardscapingTM  project, consider boulders.  A boulder is more than a big rock.  Boulders can be small — “garden rounds”, medium –“one-man boulders,” or large to huge — “landscape boulders.”  Boulders in Wall 2013 01 01 150x150 Using Boulders to Accent Hardscaping

Boulders are hardscaping project features that can be local or shipped in from other parts of the country.  Location of origin will dictate color, so the range of options is enormous.  Each boulder is unique in shape.  With this huge selection of size and color, consider hardscaping boulders for the following uses:

Garden Rounds:

  • Edging a garden
  • Around a tree
  • Around a mailbox
  • Clustered in a garden around a featured plant or statue

One-man Boulders:

  • In a garden as a focal point, consider unusual colors
  • Engraved or painted as artist labels, e.g., Mom’s Garden,  home address number
  • Engraved as markers, e.g., pet burials
  • Placed in a ring as a firepit

 Landscape Boulders: 

  • In the yard as a focal point, covering an area where grass won’t grow
  • Hiding an unattractive object in the yard, e.g., pipe access
  • As a bench on a patio or in a rustic sitting area
  • As a diving board for a swimming pool
  • As a planter or a stand for an outdoor planted pot
  • Inset into a manufactured retaining wall for accent
  • Next to a step as a handrail

Boulder Firepit 2013 01 01 150x150 Using Boulders to Accent HardscapingIdeas are endless.  Garden rounds and one-man boulders can generally be handled by a homeowner or two.  Since they are large hardscaping project features, landscape boulders will require equipment to move around. Professional contractors will quote prices to place hardscaping boulders or build boulder accessories such as accented walls, benches and water features.

Be creative!

Hardscaping is a registered trademark of EP Henry Company.