Although many basic tools are used in hardscaping, specialized tools are important to creating a professional finished project.  To ensure the productivity of our customers, we look for tools offering new features and superior quality.  In addition to well-known brands such as PAVE TECH, Craftsmen's, and Bon Tool, we have recently added a line of German-engineered tools from Halder that are receiving rave reviews. 

Special purpose tools include:

  • Splitters to create corners and resize blocks and pavers  -- used when a split-face is required such as an angle in a wall
  • Diamond blades for use in any saw to cut hardscaping materials to special shapes, e.g., curved borders, around an accent such as a boulder or fire pit
  • Extracting tools to remove pavers or slabs from a tightly jointed completed area
  • Adjusting tools to correct paver alignment
  • Mallets to correct wall alignment
  • Sand and stone dust screeding tools to create level surface over a large area
  • Marking tools to create consistent curves and angles
  • Levels to ensure proper grade for surfaces and walls
  • Safety tools such as ear plugs, goggles, knee pads, finger tape, and gloves to protect installers during the construction process
  • Specialized hammers for adjusting wall block surface especially after splitting

Visit our showroom for a display of tools.



Halder tool display