Joint Stabilizers

The final step in completing a patio, sidewalk, driveway, pool deck or other outdoor project surface is to fill the joints between the segmental pavers, slabs, or stone used to create it.  Traditionally, sand is used to fill the joints in concrete products and stone dust is used for natural stone.  Although this approach is perfectly acceptable, it requires a certain amount of ongong maintenance.  In bad weather, the loose material may wash out or blow away requiring re-filling.  And, where there is loose material outdoors, there are weeds -- not from below the surface but from seeds blown into the joints. So ongoing weed elimination becomes a requirement.

Joint stabilizer products replace sand or stone dust to complete your hardscaping project.  They require minimal maintenance and eliminate weed growth.  Stabilizers vary in base content (sand or stone), color, durability, and use.  Stabilizers exist for pedestrian traffic and high traffic areas.  Products are also available for installation on surfaces installed over concrete versus the more common stone base.

We offer joint stabilizing products from both Alliance and Techniseal.