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iQ Power Tools Dustless Saws

iQ Power Tools Dustless Saws

In 2017, OSHA passed new regulations regarding cutting concrete materials.  The intent of the new rules is to protect the contractor and bystanders from the damaging effects of silica dust.  Historically, when concrete hardscaping materials needed to be cut to fit, either a dry cutting hand held or wet table saw were used.  Either would be fitted with a diamond blade to enable cutting through concrete. Wet saws eliminate dust but are messy, require extensive cleaning and usually need to be near a power source.  Dry cut saws produce clouds of silica dust.  

The new regulations are quite aggressive and began being actively enforced in the fall of 2018. To review them in detail, go to the OSHA website and search for "silica." The penalties for violating these rules can run into the thousands of dollars.  Dustless saws introduced in this same timeframe are an attractive alternative to trying to adhere to difficult guidelines for dry saws.  Dustless saws suck the silica dust into a closed container which is emptied as needed. 

Woodward Landscape Supply is an authorized dealer of iQ Power Tools, the leading manufacturer of dustless saws.  Demonstrations and rental units are available in addition to outright purchase; however, due to the specialized nature of these tools, we only rent them to qualified contractors.