Concrete & Mortar Supply

Concrete and mortar are used for a variety of hardscaping applications including wet-laying pavers (especially porcelain tile and flagstone), building solid walls, and applying veneer. Concrete and mortars come in bags and can be either ready-mix (just add water) or customizable (add water, sand, and stone).  Professional masons will customize their mortars when the application and weather require, but will also use ready-mixes when appropriate.  DIY projects should always use ready-mixes.

Ready-Mix Mortars

We offer the Sakrete product line for ready-mix applications. This line includes Type S Mortar / Stucco Mix, High Strength Concrete Mix, and Stone Veneer Mortar as well as a selection of Stucco products.

Custom / Professional Mixes

We offer the product line of Keystone Cement for professional masons. Keystone products include Portland Type I concrete, Type S mortar, Type N Mortar, Type M Mortar, and Federal White Mortar.


In addition to the basic mortar and concrete mixes, we offer the additives necessary to blend the mixes: concrete, mason, and bar sand; lime; and clean stone.  We also carry a variety of masonry tools for blending and applying mortar and concrete.